Zaycon Foods: Super lean ground beef event now live ($3.29/lb)

by Melody on November 1, 2012

I’m excited to tell you that Zaycon Foods is running a new super lean ground beef event.  Ordering is currently live for 93/7 super lean ground beef at just $3.29/lb.  There are TONS of locations listed all across Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Last I checked, this is right around the same price as Costco’s super lean ground beef.  I haven’t tried the Costco ground beef, but this Zaycon beef is excellent.  The taste is wonderful and there is very little fat.

With your ground beef order, you will receive a 40-pound box of 93/7 super lean ground beef.  The meat is raised in the United States with no antibiotics or hormones and their products have never been frozen upon delivery.  They use no chemicals or additives and the cows are grass-fed up to 700 pounds, then supplemented with grain (great to know!).

For more information and details, register for a free account with Zaycon Foods.  They do carry a limited quantity, so I suggest ordering right away if you are interested.

If 40 pounds of ground beef sounds like WAY too much for your family, consider splitting with a friend (or two). Your beef will come in (4) 10-pound chubs so very easy to split.  My mother-in-law and I split our ground beef last time and it definitely minimized out of pocket cost and time spent prepping.  You could also plan a Freezer Cooking Day around your ground beef order.

Click here to register for an account with Zaycon Foods. To see all delivery times and place your order, click on the “My Account” tab. Delivery dates for our local area will be December 6th.

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