Why you should help your friends learn how to coupon

by Melody on April 6, 2011

Because they will somehow manage to track down the last few boxes of Crispix in the entire Tri-Cities and generously share them with you.  Even drop them off at your house.

Thanks Cerise!

In all honesty, I truly think everyone needs a “coupon buddy”.  Either someone who already knows the ropes and can help you through all of it or someone to get started with.  

These are the people who will get excited when you call to tell them how you made money buying some kind of colon cleanser.  These are the people who will actively listen to your detailed account of your 17 transactions at Rite Aid, after you have attempted to tell your husband and his eyes glazed over the minute you opened your mouth.

Do you have a coupon buddy?  Leave a comment and tell us why you love them!

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