Why I registered for the 2013 CrossFit Open

by Melody on February 27, 2014


I originally posted this last year after the 2013 CrossFit Open, but I felt that it would be appropriate to post again since the first workout of 2014 was released today.  Hopefully this can give those of you new to the Open some inspiration or convince you to sign up.  It’s such a fantastic experience!

It’s not because I actually think I can compete.

First off, let me tell you a little bit about the Open if you aren’t sure of the details.  It consists of five workouts over the course of five weeks.  Just about anyone can register and compete in the Open, you just have to complete each workout in front of a qualified judge (our local gym has three so far) or submit a video.  Everyone that is registered and submits a score/time is a competitor and has a chance to make it to regionals and then the CrossFit Games.

So technically, I am now “competing” against thousands of other athletes across the nation.

Again, not that I think I can actually compete.

When people are looking for motivation to start working out or continue with a program, you always hear the same advice.  Join a gym, workout with a partner, find someone to hold you accountable so you just show up.

I’m blessed to have made it past that stage.  Just by joining and showing up at CrossFit, I feel like I face my fears and insecurities everyday.  However, there are definitely times I may scale back on the weight I’m lifting or not push myself to try new skills, it can be easy and more comfortable to stick with the known.  Signing up for the Open blows my comfort level out of the water and into the next hemisphere.

To submit a qualifying score, you have to complete your workout in front of a certified judge.  At our gym, this means you are working out with one, maybe two, other people at a time.  Your technique is on display, your endurance is on display.  Your nerves are rattling around in the pit of your stomach.  Your score for each week has to be submitted by Sunday and the workouts aren’t even announced until Wednesday.  You have minimal time to process the madness, prepare and complete the workout, which just adds to the anxiety.

The first workout wasn’t anything I hadn’t done before, but the sheer amount of weight threw me for a loop.

We had 17 minutes to do as much of the following as possible:

40 burpees
30 snatches at 45 lbs
30 burpees
30 snatches at 75 lbs
20 burpees
30 snatches at 100 lbs
10 burpees
As many snatches at 120 lbs as possible

Your total score is the number of reps you could complete in the time given.

If this was an everyday workout, I would have been all “Sweet, burpees, those are doable.  I’ll probably just scale back that 75 lbs though, there is no way I can get that over my head”.

There is no scaling back for the Open.  There would have been no point in me completing any lifts at a lighter weight, as it wouldn’t have counted.  75 pounds, I’m coming for you.

Big ol’ bundle of nerves up in here.  That’s my CrossFit girl for life judge, Dani.  She’s the one you can thank for my incessant ramblings.


Here we go.


45 pounds and one angry face.  My husband says he’s never seen anything like it.


Bring it, 75.


I’m sorry, what’s that?  Is that 75 pounds over my head?  The same 75 pounds I was pretty sure I could NEVER lift?


Let me clarify here.  I had about 10 minutes to go in my workout when I got to these 75 pound snatches.  I got six.  In ten minutes.  That made my total score 106, which is far more than I ever thought possible.  In a normal workout, I would have been prancing around with 55 pounds, insisting I couldn’t do more.

There was a lot of yelling, a lot of cheering, quite a few angry faces and one content girl when I was done.  I would never have pushed myself this hard without signing up for the Open.  NEVER would have lifted that weight without the support of our gym and those cheering me on.  I watched over half those signed up at our gym complete this workout and did my best to give them what they gave to me.  Motivation and a sense of intense accomplishment.

That’s why I signed up for the CrossFit Open.

What motivates you to get to the gym, lace up your kicks and get out there for a run, try something you would normally be afraid of?

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Shanta March 15, 2013 at 5:53 am



Dani March 15, 2013 at 6:02 am

Thats amazing! I keep reading all your CrossFit stories and it sounds like something I might have to give a try. Thanks!


Kaity March 15, 2013 at 2:14 pm

I just discovered your site and am really enjoying it. The Crossfit stuff is a bonus! I go to Crossfit HEL in Portland, and I was part of the inspirational mayhem for the 13.1 games wod. Such a great environment. Good luck on the 13.2 wod….get some!!


Melody March 15, 2013 at 10:21 pm

Welcome Kaity! 13.2 was such a blast (in that awful CrossFit kind of way). Totally blew my goal out of the water and ended with 201, so pleased!


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