Why do I shop at Albertsons?

by Melody on January 4, 2010

I may love Albertsons more than I love Rite Aid, maybe it’s up for further review. At this point, I’ll call it a tie. I love them both for so many different reasons. When I tell people I shop at Albertsons for 99% of my groceries, those that are not coupon-savvy look at me like I’m crazy. While it’s true that if you only bought groceries at regular price and never used coupons, Albertsons would be more expensive than your discount stores (Winco, Walmart). However, if you know how to shop and utilize your coupons, you will open a treasure chest for yourself and your friends will be amazed!
I will go into more detail about how to shop here in my Getting Started post about Albertsons, but let me tell you a few reasons why I love this store. They have the best promotions that can be combined with coupons. If an item is 10 for $10, you only have to buy one to receive the sale price. A few more reasons I love Albertsons: they are super coupon friendly and take just about any type of coupon. The assistant manager at my local store actually tracks me down when I come in to make sure I have the best coupons or to tell me about hidden deals. They let me do multiple transactions if the store isn’t too busy so I don’t have to lug my son back and forth all day every day to get the best deals. Plus, double coupons are the best, they need a post of their own!
I’m going to post a few of my most recent deals to show you how I have maximized my savings, plus to show how to save a little money on fresh produce. (These are older deals, so you will not be able to take advantage. Again, just showing what is possible!)
(4) Post Shredded Wheat @ $2.50 each
(6) Dannon yogurt @ 3/$1
Subtotal: $12
– $4 instant savings for buying 4 Post cereals in one transaction
– (2) $1/2 Post cereals (found in newspaper)
– $1/6 Dannon coupon (printable)
Used three Albertsons double coupons – $3
– $2 off store coupon from previous transaction
Total out of pocket: $0
Received $3 catalina good on next order!
(Essentially, I made $3 for buying these groceries. My receipt actually said $0!)
(2) Bagel Bites @ $1.99 each
(6) Dannon yogurt @ 3/$1
Miscellanous produce totaling $8.34
Subtotal: $14.32
– (2) $1 off Bagel Bites (printable)
– $1/6 Dannon coupon (printable)
Used 3 Albertsons double coupons – $3
– $3 catalina from previous transaction
Total out of pocket: $5.32
I was able to use my savings and overage from the first transaction and apply it towards fresh produce, which you can’t find coupons for too often. I do shop with coupons and stock up on items when they are at their lowest price, but I still want my family to eat healthy. Again, just a little information to get you excited about grocery shopping!

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