What we are doing for Father’s Day (emilie’s edition)

by Emilie on June 6, 2012

Thankfully, my hubby (isn’t he cute?) does not read this blog, or any blogs.  When I talk about blogging, he shakes his head in utter confusion, not able to figure out what in the world I’m talking about.  I have a feeling he will never embrace technology and honestly, I love that about him.  He is simple in a good way, encouraging even when he thinks blogging is weird and always strives for what makes peace in our home, not what adds chaos to it.  He probably would die if he stumbled across Pinterest.  And so, I can blog all about my plans for him on Father’s Day because I can guarantee you, he won’t catch me.

Speaking of Pinterest, here is a link to my board that I like to call “Brett Love”. The hunk pictured above  is “Brett” and in hopes to love him well, I’ve made a board.  I hope to execute on most of the ideas.  So far, I’ve executed on one.  The kids and I made this collage for him for Father’s Day.  With the help of Jessie from Bites, who is pretty savvy with the camera, it turned out super duper cute! Each of the kids said what they loved about their Daddy.  The baby couldn’t quite articulate her love so I helped her out a bit.  I’m going to frame it for him.

I’m also pretty sure that food is my love language and thus, most of our day will be planned around food! Here is our menu.

  • Breakfast – I have no idea how we are going to do it but somehow I’m going to get all five of us out of the house and to Kona Kitchen at 8am.  I have no desire to eat at this place, ever.  Despite the four stars it gets on Yelp, it is not my scene.  But, daddy-o has been wanting to go for years so off we’ll go just in time to stuff our faces with fried rice and spam and make it to church. The owner played Ralph Macchio’s nemesis in The Karate Kid, Part II so I’m guessing that is why he wants to go so bad.
  • Lunch  – My friend Amber from Love at Home is pretty much the queen of everything, and so I’m guessing this fave recipe of hers will be a winner.  Crock Pot Thai Peanut Chicken? Yes, please! I might even go nuts and make white rice or something.  He’ll probably die of shock.  I’ll make it  the night before, turn on the crockpot on our way to breakfast and voila! Click here for a tutorial Amber did recently about how to cover your table in oilcloth!

I typically plan entire day’s around special people, from sun up to sun down.  It’s like the most fun thing in the world to me. Recently, for no good reason we celebrated Brett with “B” day! We had BBQ, went bowling, had breakfast of bacon and Berry Banana Smoothies, had beef & bean burrito burgers for dinner, we watched Big Lebowski…you get the picture.  This would be a fun way to celebrate your dad or husband! He woke up in the morning and I gave him a list of all the “B” activities we were up to that day.

Anyway, back to the activities for this Father’s Day.  I like to give him special time with each kid so I’m going to carve out time with each one.  And of course, some time with me!

  • For time with our five year old I’m sending them off to the neighborhood park for some bike riding.  It’s pretty much our oldest child’s favorite activity and Brett loves getting outside with the kids. And, it’s frugal!
  • Our three-year old is ALL girl, all the time.  She loves to shop.  Seriously.  At barely three, that girl is a fashionista.  This morning she asked me to pray and ask God to give her a diamond ring.  Lord help us all.  I’m sending the two of them shopping.  This way my man can return the gift I bought him if it doesn’t work and get something he likes and  buy little missy some cute outfit.  He loves seeing her all dressed up so I’m guessing they come home with a dress. I’ll be sending them with coupons of course!
  • It’s hard to come up with an activity to do with a sixteen month old but because what she does best is snuggle, I’m giving Brett some time to do whatever he wants with her and put her to bed while I do the dirty job of getting the other kids to sleep.  She is actually fun to put to bed because she snuggles, coos, kisses and likes to sit still and read.  It’s dreamy and usually I get to do it because Brett is wrangling the big kids to their beds, which is the opposite of joyful.  It’s like hell.  Every night of the week.
  • For the two of us, it’s going to be simple.  Once all the kids go to bed we’ll watch a couple episodes of Sons of Anarchy on Netflix (we are addicted) and eat these Peanut Butter Pies.

I also got him a couple of gifts.  Melody and I weren’t even in cahoots on this but I got him 18 holes of golf also.  I bought a Living Social deal. He can pick the friend of his choice and take a day off.  He deserves it.  And, because he finally after eight years of marriage is starting to be in to fashion, I got him some new clothes.  He might hate them so I’ll give him the receipts.  Everything at the Gap was 30% off today so I got him a few things.  I hope he likes this season brights as much as I do!

In the morning, I’ll give him a printout of everything we have planned to do and eat throughout the day so he has something to look forward to. I’ll also give him his gifts and he’ll have to make the big decision.  Does he wear the canary yellow hoodie I bought him or return it for something less neon?

My Dad is out of town for work for the month of Father’s Day so I’m getting off pretty easy there.  I’ll be printing some recent pictures of his grandkids for him and I bought him an Itunes card from this deal to download movies for his ipad and got him this really sweet movie (Amazon) I suffered through many times as a kid.  Ernest, remember him? You can’t beat the $4.49 price!

Hope some of these ideas inspired you in your Father’s Day plans.  Please let us know what fun ideas you have to share!

Read more about what Melody is doing for her deserving husband here.

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