What we are doing for Father’s Day + favorite gift ideas

by Melody on June 5, 2012

Last year on Father’s Day, I had this brilliant idea that I would write down one thing that I love about my husband every day and then present it to him this year.  I got about 3 days in and then promptly forgot about my great idea.  This is not to say that I only have 3 reasons for loving my husband, this just means that I am forgetful and have far too many lists floating around the house.

I try to tell him as much as possible all the little things I appreciate.  I can tell him all day long that I think he’s a great Dad (and he is), but there are some moments that just catch me off guard.  When he is helping our kids build Lego towers.  When he is building elaborate forts.  When he doesn’t mind taking them outside to “help” mow the lawn, even though he spends most of his time chasing them around.  When he gives them a bath every. single. night.  The overall big picture of Fatherhood tends to be a little abstract for me, but looking at him as a Dad in each individual moment makes me realize how lucky I am to be parenting alongside him.

I figured this guy deserves a pretty fun day, even if it isn’t anything fancy.

Since I swear I show my love to everyone in my life by making them food, I have planned out all the meals for the day based on what he loves.

  • Breakfast – Eggs, bacon and hashbrowns. While I know this might seem boring, he is ALWAYS asking for hashbrowns.  We have some variation of eggs and bacon at least one weekend day each week, but I never even think to make hashbrowns.  This will be his treat.
  • Lunch – He mentioned recently that he wanted to go to Wingstop (tons of chicken wing options and some crazy spicy sauces), so when a voucher popped up a few weeks ago I snagged it.  I’m lucky, he’s not very hard to impress.
  • Dinner – Since he puts up with my crazy menus and eats beet greens and quinoa patties without complaint, I am going to make this Flank Steak for him.  We RARELY have steak, usually just chicken or sometimes ground beef, so this will be a treat for all of us.

I’m going to have my almost 4-year old fill out this Interview Form.  He’s a pretty imaginative and wordy kid, so I’m looking forward to his responses.

I also picked up a fantastic golf deal from Spotted Fox recently, so he will get two rounds of golf for two (which means some nice friend of his gets a gift too!) at West Richland Golf Course.  I love to give these “experience” type gifts.  Especially at this stage of our life, there is rarely time for some of our extracurricular activities, not to mention how expensive golf usually is.  This will give him some time to do something he enjoys and relax.

Some other favorite Father’s Day gift ideas

  • As I mentioned, I love giving “experiences”.  Check daily deal sites like Spotted Fox, Living Social, Groupon or Seize the Deal for more local stuff.  I’ve given my husband a guided fishing trip and a few other fun ones, just by watching these sites.
  • Magazines – There are TONS of great magazine deals out there.  Purchase a one-year subscription and wrap up a single issue.  Don’t order it so far in advance that your husband gets the mail and finds it two weeks early, however.  Amazon has a pretty good selection and they are offering $5 off select magazines for Father’s Day.
  • Something personal – I am terrible at printing out pictures and framing them to showcase around the house, which also means I have never put anything together for my husband to take to work.  For our anniversary, I bought him a fantastic custom photo frame from Rendi.  It has a clip on the top so you can easily swap out pictures, plus I was able to customize it with a lyric from a Guns n’ Roses song, which might endear me to him forever.

Please share your favorite Father’s Day gift ideas.  I’d love to hear how you make the day special!

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Faith June 6, 2012 at 6:46 am

That’s funny, my husband is always asking for hashbrowns for breakfast too, and I never make them. It’s just not something I grew up eating very much at all, but we’ll make them along with lots of bacon and eggs for breakfast on Father’s day.
I also found an idea online to make a t-shirt that has a drawn on track for matchbox cars on the back. So, basically, my husband can come home from a long day at work, put the shirt on, and lay on his stomach while entertaining our car-obsessed son 🙂


Nancy Parker June 6, 2012 at 7:03 am

This year, since my dad is a huge lover of crumb cake, I’m ordering him a gourmet new york style crumb cake through http://www.crumbcakecreations.com . Their cakes are made-to-order (you can build your own so to speak) and living in Florida, dad misses the true NY style bakeries/treats.


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