Welcome to my new MOPS friends!

by Melody on November 4, 2011

A huge welcome to all the fabulous Cascade MOPS Moms I got to chat with this morning!  MOPS has been such an amazing blessing in my life and I’m so grateful to Beth for contacting me and letting me sit in on your meeting.  Thank you so much for asking me to come speak and I really hope you came away with some valuable information to start (or continue) saving your families some money.

If you are new, please remember you can always ask for help!  Everyone has to start somewhere.  We have a really helpful little online community here.  Leave comments on specific posts with questions or email me at beautifulfrugallife@gmail.com.

You can easily subscribe to my blog (for free) through various methods.  In the top right corner of the blog, you can choose to subscribe via email (get daily updates), Twitter (automatically updates with every post), Facebook (time-sensitive deals) or RSS feed (continually updates).

Here are a few links to things we talked about:

You can also check out my “Getting Started” posts through the tab on the top navigation bar.  You can find more in-depth information about finding and organizing coupons, our monthly budget and ideas for meal planning.

For more information about Zaycon Foods (chicken and ground beef delivered from Spokane), sign up for an account here.  I will post on the blog when they are coming to town, but you can sign up for an email notification as well.

If you have kiddos in diapers, it is definitely worth checking out Amazon Mom.  You will get great discounts on diapers and wipes and free 2-day shipping on most items sold by Amazon (perfect for the holiday season).

If you are interested in freezer cooking at all, my friend Sarah and I are planning a half-day of cooking next Friday November 11th.  I’ve been documenting the planning process, including a printable menu and ingredient list if you want to join along.  Check it out even if you don’t have time to do it this time for some inspiration!  You can also check out the details from our full-day of cooking over the summer.

These are a few of my favorite daily deal sites.  I try to highlight what I think are the best deals and I do a little research for you to find out how much shipping costs will be and whether it truly is a “deal”.

  • Groupon (National offers to big retailers)
  • Mamapedia (Organic offers and children’s items, magazine subscriptions)
  • Living Social (National offers + WA based getaways and hotel stays)

We talked a little bit about cash back sites for your online purchases, my favorite is Ebates.  Sign up for a new account and you should get a $5 sign-up bonus.  All you have to do is type in the site you are looking for in the search bar and click “Shop Now”.  You will automatically be redirected to the site of your choice.  Make your purchase and your cash back will be deposited into your Ebates account in a few days.

Don’t forget about Swagbucks!  Sign up for a new account and start searching through Swagbucks instead of Google, Bing or Yahoo.  Earn Swagbucks that you can cash in for gift cards.  450 Swagbucks will earn you a $5 Amazon gift card!

Last but not least, if you are on Pinterest you can follow me here.

I had a lot of fun talking with you today.  It constantly amazes me how Moms who don’t know each other’s backgrounds and barely know each other’s names can relate on such a basic level.  Thank you again for including me in your meeting today.  Good luck on your journey!

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