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by Melody on May 22, 2011

{May 9th}


{May 16th}


I posted here on May 9th about how I had already blown our grocery budget for the month.

Obviously, it’s a lost cause and I’m NOT going to make budget.  The best I can do is minimize the damage done.  We have a decently stocked pantry and freezer, so we are doing our best to cook meals and eat based around what we already have.

{May 22nd}


I spent about $14 this week, including two Twice the Value trips to Albertsons (most everything was free except for yogurt, coffee creamer, salad dressing and mayo), a great trip to Fred Meyer for eggs and fresh produce and a trip to Rite Aid to roll some +UP Rewards.  I still have $3 in +UP Rewards that I will use to pick up a gallon of milk for the coming week.

We also picked up our produce from the CSA we signed up for a few months back.  We got two huge heads of lettuce and kale, with no additional out of pocket.  Plus, we have been able to pick spinach from our garden!  (For our gardening update, click here)

We’ve been doing our best to make do with what we have in the house, but truthfully, we haven’t made much of a dent in our stockpile.  We’ve been eating a LOT of salad with various toppings and really haven’t had to touch our pantry stockpile.

I know I challenged myself at the beginning of the month to spend as little as possible, but it hasn’t really felt like a challenge.  Being a smart shopper and using coupons over the past few years has really helped me keep our pantry and freezer full, which really helps out in times like these.

How are you doing with your grocery budget for the month?  I’m thinking I can end the month around $30 over budget, which will actually feel like a small miracle, considering where we started out!

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