Test drive cars delivered to your home for $19 + enter to win FREE gas for a year

by Melody on August 1, 2013


I’m excited to share with you a new Seattle start-up company called that may be a catalyst in changing how people buy cars.  They offer the very unique service of delivering a car to your home or office to test drive for a nominal fee, instead of having to make a trip to the dealership.  They remove pricing negotiations and guarantee a fair price without haggling with a dealer.

The best part, in my opinion, is that Tred employees do not work for a specific dealership.  They are knowledgeable and can answer questions about the car you are testing out, but will not pressure you to buy nor do they make a commission on your purchase.  This would be perfect for someone like me.  I am not timid by any means, but I’m not very good at saying no.  If I get a car dealer who is at all pressuring me to make a decision, I start giggling and panic and would probably have 17 brand new cars by now if my husband isn’t around to pull me back off the ledge.

Even if you are a master negotiator, Tred still gives you the benefit of test driving two cars side-by-side, including competing brands.  If you have young kids, you don’t have to drag the whole family down to the auto dealership and spend the bulk of your time trying to keep your kids from hotwiring the other cars (is this just me?).  The car (or cars) of your choice come to you and you can test drive on your streets, see how your car seats or gear fit in the backseat or trunk, test out the car in your garage and more. charges just $19 for a car to be delivered to your home for a test drive.  Their employees are able to present the cars in an informative way, not a pushy, pressure-type situation.  While I know there are many, many dealerships and employees that are great and know their stuff, the majority of people I know, when asked, would rather get a double root canal than head to a dealership.  If you choose not to purchase the car, neither Tred employees or the dealership will follow up with pesky phone calls.  You probably won’t get a Christmas card from the dude who you test drove a car with ONE TIME and got your address from your driver’s license that he insisted he needed a copy of.

According to their press release, if you are interested in purchasing the car, Tred employees will provide you with a packet of resources that will help make the buying process easy and transparent.  You will receive a checklist of what to do at the dealership and information on manufacturer warranty, specifications and more.

It is currently only available to King County residents, but it looks like they have plans to expand in the future.

For an easy and simple rundown of how works, check out this video:

Tred: How it works. from on Vimeo.

According to this Seattle Times article, 70% of people surveyed in 2011 would prefer to test drive a car alone or with someone other than a car dealer.  It seems that may be filling a pretty useful niche.

Question: Would you be willing to pay a small fee to be able to test drive a car without all the pressure of a dealership?  What do you think about this service?

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