To Microwave or Not to Microwave

by Melody on April 19, 2012

Each week, I have been sharing different methods that our family uses to save money.  The purpose of this is to highlight the fact that there are so many ways to save that aren’t based around coupons or racing to the store to pick up the Next. Big. Deal.  While this week was no exception, I decided to focus this post on one eventful morning at our house and how it has accidentally saved us money and made us think through our “needs”.

Notice all that counter space in the picture above?  That’s where our microwave used to be.  One morning, I was melting chocolate for our Easter Bunny Bait and it made a strange popping sound and started flashing.  The individual chocolate squares had been wrapped in foil, so I thought maybe a small piece got in there and was sparking.  I checked the bowl, made the kids stand behind me and tried again.  Flashing, popping, crackling, a few choice words from Momma, the kids laughing hysterically at me jumping around the kitchen.  The microwave is history.  (Although I did make my husband try it, just to make sure I wasn’t crazy)

My husband was ready to pack up the family and head to the store to pick up a new one.  I convinced him to wait.  Something in me told me we should give our lives a try without one.  I had never intended on going without a microwave, but we had spent a lot of money the previous weekend on a few upgrades and repairs to our cars and house and I just didn’t feel like spending any more money at the moment.

One week later.

I’ve reheated coffee on the stove top, defrosted chicken in the oven, softened butter in the oven.  I reheat our leftovers in the oven and am checking out some easy breakfast options that don’t need to be warmed up for my husband (Overnight Steel Cut Oats, anyone?).  We don’t eat microwave popcorn, if we do want popcorn we have an air popper.  I just haven’t found one thing that is making me want to run out and buy a new microwave.  Every single thing I used it for in the past can be done using other methods, maybe not quite as convenient, but can be done none the less.

I never really cared for how the microwave heated our food anyway, it always seemed to suck every last ounce of moisture out and turn our food into bricks.  It was just SO CONVENIENT!  And EVERYONE has one!

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Try to convince me to go buy a microwave.  What do you use it for that you don’t think you could live without?

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