Three Cookbooks I’ve Been Wishing For

by Emilie on October 4, 2011

My mother-in-law, who is super thoughtful about gifts, recently asked me what we all wanted for Christmas.  Of course, we really NEED nothing, but it got me thinking about some things I’ve been wanting.  Being on a limited budget, I never buy myself books or cookbooks.  They usually are borrowed from a friend or from the library.  However, there are a few cookbooks I’ve been dreaming about owning.  Cookbooks just happen to be my secret love.  So, in in no particular order, here are the top three cookbooks on my wish list.  Anybody have any reviews for me or recommendations for other ones I shouldn’t miss?

I love, love, love the blog Our Best Bites.  Have you ever tried their Buttermilk Carmel Syrup or the Asian Wonton Salad? Sometime in the last year they came out with this cookbook. Oh, how I want it! If you follow their blog, please tell me what your favorite recipe is.  I will make it, I promise.  I love them that much.  They come only second to my first true cooking blogger love, The Pioneer Woman.  I’m pretty sure Ree and I would be best friends if I lived on a ranch in Oklahoma.  Or, if she lived on a busy street in Seattle.  Either way, she and I are twinsies. I know it. I once waited four hours to get her autograph.  It was worth it.

Now, in reality, I don’t eat from the above two mentioned blogs daily.  Although, I want to.  Desperately.  In reality, we follow the book Real Food  and eat mainly whole foods including unprocessed sugars and flours (although I did eat a Heath bar and pizza last night.  Sssshhhhh!).  Don’t worry, we still have fun though, we eat plenty of egg yolks, butter and whole milk.  So, when my mom received Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook, My Father’s Daughter for her birthday last month I almost stole it and ran off.  It is full of healthy, unprocessed recipes that sound absolutely delicious. If it goes missing mom, you know who it was.

And, finally, this cookbook doesn’t have all the glitz and glam (pictures that make you salivate) but since The New Best Recipes is my favorite cookbook of all time, and my favorite wedding gift to give, I’m sure this is just as amazing.  The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook is on my wish list because every single recipe that America’s Test Kitchen puts out is perfect.  Literally perfect.  I have a friend who says if you mess one up, there is no doubt it is your fault.  They have never made a bad recipe ever.  I imgaine this cookbook is packed full of perfect, family friendly recipes.  My kids pretty much eat anything I give them but I do like to do more kid friendly meals a couple times a week.

I’d love to hear what your favorite cookbooks and recipes are.  Because, I like to cook but I LOVE to eat.  LOVE TO EAT.  Just in case you didn’t get my point.  Speaking of eating, make sure you check out some more of my favorite recipes from our contributor Jessie over at Bites who loves to eat just as much as me, but she is a much better cook.

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