Things I am Not and Likely Never Will Be

by Melody on March 8, 2012

I’ve had this idea for a post rattling around in my brain for months now, but could never quite formulate where I wanted to go with it.  Since March 8th is International Women’s Day, it seemed as good a day as any to share some things I’ve come to learn about myself.

I recently read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and took away some amazing things from the book.  Sharing some of those wonderful things is another post I’ve been tossing around that never seems to quite get done, although I did share the most fabulous idea of all with you, The One-Sentence Journal.

She mentions in the book that in order to embrace her own happiness, she had to let go of her idealistic view of herself.  She had to give up thinking she was a different kind of person than she really was and just “Be Gretchen”.  Obviously, being Gretchen isn’t going to work for me, but it got me thinking about my own life and personality a little.

I know there are things that I sometimes envy about other folks, like their ability to sew or their ability to scrapbook for hours holed up in a room with several other women.  I love the end result of what they accomplish and wish I could do the same, but I don’t ENJOY those things.  Embracing that about myself has been quite freeing.  While I do love a beautiful scrapbook and would love to want to make my own, I don’t.  Part of me likes to pretend that I do, but I don’t.  What this means for me is that I need to find a form of recording memories that I do enjoy.  Hence, the One-Sentence Journal.

While my husband and I were driving somewhere and I was itching to do something (this happens a lot), I started writing out a list of things that I am just NOT and things I don’t enjoy doing.

  • Watching the news – I do enjoy knowing things and having an idea of what is going on in the world, apparently I need to find a different venue to get my information from.
  • Reading the newspaper – Seeing a theme here?  Maybe I really don’t want to know what’s going on.
  • Fine art or classical music – Not at all.  I thought maybe I would grow into this as I got older.  Nope.  Give me a good Jay-Z song anyday.
  • Knitting – Or crocheting.  Or sewing.  Or doing anything with fabric.  Or most things crafty.  I like the end result and I like what other people do with these things, but I have zero desire to do them.
  • Napping – When I was pregnant with our first son, people always told me (as they likely told you) “Sleep when the baby sleeps”.  This sounds nice, but when you are the world’s worst napper and all you do is lay there, stare at the ceiling and get increasingly annoyed about all the things you aren’t getting done?  Maybe it’s not for you.  I can count on one hand the number of naps I’ve ever taken.  And it’s pretty much when I’ve had the flu.  Which brings me to my next bullet point.
  • Down time – I don’t know what to do with it.  I don’t enjoy it.  The only time I really enjoy down time is when I’m on vacation, away from my home, everything at home is mostly done and clean and my to-do list is hidden under lock and key.  I wish I could sit and enjoy some nothingness, I really do.
  • Decorating my home or myself – Oh, how I wish I enjoyed these things.  I love to have a nice-looking home and I love to wear cute clothes that fit well, but I hate picking them out.  I hate trying to figure out what works together and what doesn’t.  I want to take all the extra money from the couch cushions and hire someone to beautify my life.  Seriously, dress me, paint my house, pick out my furniture.  Who wants the job?

I promise you, there are more.  These were just the ideas I was able to come up with in a 5-minute burst.  They just poured off my pen.  Some of these things I accepted a long time ago, but some are new.  Now that they are embraced, I can move past the idea of how great they might be and focus on the things I really love.  While I love my children with the fire of a thousand suns, quite a few of these are things I love just for myself.

In no particular order.

Being the mother of boys.  Being the wife to my husband.  My mother.  Watching baseball.  Listening to baseball on the radio (I almost prefer this). Playing fantasy football.  College football.  Tailgating college football.  P90X.  Every single holiday and celebrating with dessert.  Eating REALLY good food.  Eating more really good food.  Making really good food for people.  Las Vegas.  Finding the perfect gift for someone.  MOPS.  A clean house.  Wearing leggings every day. Coffee.  Sour Patch Kids.

Fun, upbeat music.  Music that reminds me of high school.  Pretty much any song that has a good beat.  Driving by myself and listening to a really good song.  Listening to Bohemian Rhapsody anywhere.  The fact that my 3-year old likes to rock out to Maroon 5 and Guns n’ Roses.  Beer.  Ice-cold beer and BBQ on a hot summer day.  A really good margarita.  Hot summer days.  Watching baseball on a hot summer day.

Eating things from our garden, especially when they’ve been picked by my kids.  Watching my kids sneak plain lettuce out of the salad bowl.  My friends.  Parks without pea gravel. Using the word “Dude” in everyday conversation.  The movie Troop Beverly Hills.  Eating cookie dough, which is generally better than the cookies themselves.  Learning new things.  Teaching my kids new things.  Finding new things to love.

Your turn.  What are some of the things you are definitely not?  What are the things that you seriously rock at?

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