The Blendtec: My Most Adored & Most Expensive Kitchen Appliance

by Emilie on May 17, 2012

This is my blender.  I’m in love.  Last Mother’s Day, armed with a newborn, a mild case of post-partum depression and no hope for ever making my kids a healthy breakfast again, my husband surprised me with this Blendtec Blender (Amazon).  I was so happy I cried (remember baby blues).  And then I was riddled with guilt because the cost of this thing (almost $400) was not in our budget and I didn’t deserve such a fancy appliance.  After a few gentle reminders to stop worrying and just enjoy my expensive present, I started blending.

Have you seen these crazy YouTube Videos called “Will it Blend?”.  I’m not going to test it out and see if my ipad will blend, but I’m pretty confident it would.

The first thing I made was Raw Applesauce.  I was on a raw kick at the time (I must admit it I’ve sort of abandoned my raw dreams out of lack of energy).  The next thing I made was green smoothies for breakfast every morning for a month. A few of the other things we’ve made in the blender that I had no idea would be so easy:

I make all my dressing in it, batters,  baby food and doughs!  I also blend soups, destroy raw greens and steel cut oats in my smoothies and make ice cream in a pinch without running to the store.  It also crushes ice in the most amazing way.  And don’t you always want a margarita? Maybe that’s just me.  This lime sherbet margarita we recently made was worth every calorie.  For the most part it helps us to eat healthier at a lower cost.  Except for the margarita.  That wasn’t healthy or inexpensive.

The only thing I’ve been meaning to try and haven’t yet is grind my own wheat.  To be honest, I’m not much of a baker so I haven’t quite found the motivation to do so. Has anybody done this with success?

There is quite the debate around the blogesphere on what is better, the Vitamix blender (Amazon) or the Blendtec blender. Just google it if you are curious about what folks are fighting about.   I don’t know the answer to the debate.  I’ve used both but wanted the Blendtec primarily because it is easier to clean and is shorter so it fits under a kitchen counter. It has been perfect for us.   They both are about the same price so if I found a hot deal (I’ve yet to see one) I’d buy either.

But how do I find the best deal?

Because this is a deal blog, you all are asking, how do I get a deal on such a fancy blender? I do not know the answer, honestly.  My husband has no idea how to use a coupon code or hunt for a deal and I shudder to think what he paid, so I don’t think about it.  Blendtec and the Vitamix come up at Costco road shows every once in a while and this seems like the best deal I’ve seen. It seems like they are about $350-$375.   It appears they sell them all the time on and you get an extra jar for $400.    That extra jar would be very helpful because mine is always dirty and it would be lovely to have a back up. As always you can get a Blendtec or Vitamix at Amazon.  Do you know where to get a deal on these professional blenders?

I’m pretty sure I haven’t yet saved $400 in groceries making some of this stuff from scratch but I’ve saved some and it’s been a huge lifesaver in the mornings to whip out healthy smoothies and batters.  I pretty much love that thing.

I throw it in the dishwasher to clean it but when I need it cleaned quick I fill it with hot water and run it for a few seconds.  Ta da, clean! Once again, love that thing.

Obviously this is a pretty expensive item and it isn’t in everybody’s budget. If you are in need of a blender but not ready to spend the small fortune,  Jessie reviewed the The NinjaMaster Prep Professional Blender in our Favorite Things Series last year and LOVES it.  Here is her review:

I have always drooled over friend’s Vitamixes but have never had an extra $400 in the budget for one.  So, when it was time to look for a new blender, my husband headed to consumer reports.  Sure enough, the Vitamix was #1 but the $69 Ninja was #2!  We bought it and have loved it since.  We’ve never had such a powerful blender!”

If you have any great tips on how to better use the blender, please share them.  I’d love to see recipes and fun ideas.

What do you think about these expensive blenders? Worth the investment? I’m hoping mine lasts forever so I can answer, yes.

Happy Blending!

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Lora May 20, 2012 at 10:37 pm

I LOVE my Blendtec blender! I mostly use it for smoothies, and it crushes everything with no problem. LOVE. I also have a GREAT pancake recipe that you throw in whole wheat kernels. Yum! I also have made rice flower in seconds by throwing in dry rice and blending for a few seconds. I’ve made almond flour, and even blended up my “real salt” because it’s too grainy for me. Turned it into powder in seconds. Awesome!! I could never go back to a regular blender. Got mine at Costco just before Christmas on their sale. $350. Very worth it for me.


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