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I’m so excited that our Freezer Cooking Day is finally here!  Although I know some of you have your own days planned, my friend Sarah and I are cooking tomorrow, June 29th.  We will be making four of everything so we will have a LOT going on.

Check back either on the blog or on the Facebook wall as I will try to keep you updated through the whole process.

If you still want to join in or need to make last minute preparations, here are all the links you’ll need:

Menu & Planning Ideas

Official Ingredient List

Prep & Cooking Schedule

Sarah and I were able to pick up the majority of our ingredients using coupons and store sales or shopping from our pantries, but we still needed a few things.  She made a trip to Walmart for most of our canned goods and I picked up a few last minute things from Costco.









The cheese was $12.45 for 5 lbs or $2.49 per pound.  I could have gotten it a little cheaper by buying block-style, but I saved SO much time by not having to shred the cheese that I think it’s worth it.  Plus, it’s not a bad price.  The sour cream worked out to $1.23 per pound, which is a great price!

I also picked up potatoes and onions, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend getting them at Costco if you are cooking for just your family.  Sarah and I are splitting the two enormous bags, so I know nothing will go to waste.







I also pulled out all my meat to defrost and rounded up all the ingredients I will be taking over to Sarah’s.  My last few steps will be to make a list of all the perishable items I am taking over in the morning and to prep all my Ziploc bags and aluminum pans.  This will help save time tomorrow.

Please let me know if you have any last minute questions, I am happy to try and help.  I’m so thrilled to be sharing this with some of you and can’t wait to see how your cooking days turn out.  I will do a final wrap-up post after all is said and done to see if this is something we want to tackle again.

It’s possible you may see a video of me to kick off the cooking day if I can get my act together and look presentable.


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My favorite Fred Meyer deals this week

by Melody on May 31, 2011



I know most of you have already seen the Fred Meyer deals for this week, but I wanted to highlight some of my favorites.  Fred Meyer is such a great resource for all-natural and organic products.

Organic strawberries 16 oz $2
Cantaloupe .48/lb

Naturally Preferred cage-free eggs (1 dozen) $1.98
Nancy’s yogurt 32 oz $2

Organic Valley milk 64 oz $2.99
– $1/1 Organic Valley Omega-3 milk printable OR
– .50/1 Organic Valley Omega-3 printable
As low as $1.99!

Stonyfield organic yogurt 30% off
* Greek Oikos 16 oz or Stonyfield yogurt 32 oz
– .50/1 Greek Oikos 16 oz or Stonyfield yogurt 32 oz printable
Unsure of final price, but definitely worth checking if you are heading in

Fred Meyer canned tomatoes or beans .50 (first 10)
* I will have the ingredient list up for our Freezer Cooking Day Extravaganza in a few days, but we will need (6) cans of white beans and (4) cans diced tomatoes.  This is my stock-up price!

Calidad tortillas 10-pack $1
* Two packs of these will be perfect for our Freezer Cooking Day

The next few deals are courtesy of Frugal Chic Living:

Comforts Touch of Nature chlorine-free diapers $7.49
Look for $3.50/1 catalina coupons in coupon exchange
As low as $3.99 each!

Quilted Northern bath tissue (12 double or 24 single roll)
Brawny paper towels (6-8 ct) $4.99 (limit 2)
– $2/1 Quilted Northern 12-roll Fred Meyer eCoupon
– $2/1 Brawny 6 Big Roll Fred Meyer eCoupon
$2.99 each!

Make sure to check out Frugal Chic Living for additional match ups.  She does a fantastic job every week of highlighting all things Fred Meyer, including some great unadvertised deals.


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I know we aren’t technically starting the planning of our Freezer Cooking Day until June, but I have a tentative menu written out and there are some great sales this week on ingredients we will need to pick up.

You can read more about our This Beautiful’s Frugal Life Freezer Cooking Day extravaganza here.

FRED MEYER (through 5-21)

Green bell peppers .33
* I was thinking of dicing these and flash freezing them.  Has anyone done this?

Boneless skinless chicken breasts 4 lb bag $1.79/lb

ALBERTSONS (starting 5-22)

Kraft salad dressing 14 oz $1.50 {limit 4}
– $1/2 (5-15 SS) OR
– .55/1 printable + double (thanks Frugal Chic Living)
As low as 40 cents each!
* We will need Italian dressing for one recipe

Ronzoni Garden Delight pasta $1
– $1/1 (5-15 SS) OR
– $1/2 printable + double
* We will need rotini pasta or other similar shape

Ronzoni Smart Taste or Healthy Harvest pasta $1
Buy 2
– $1/2 printable + double
* We will need spaghetti noodles

It’s hard for me to tell you how many to pick up, because each person is going to vary widely on how much of a certain recipe they make.  For me (and what I will be posting about specifically), I will pick up three or four of each item.

Menu and ingredient list to come!


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After several Facebook chats with readers and gauging interest over the last few weeks, I have an idea.

I want to plan another Freezer Cooking Day (see details on my last Freezer Cooking Day here).  I want to include you all every step of the way.

Starting around the beginning of June, I would like to post weekly updates on the planning process, leading up to the big day sometime at the end of June or beginning of July.

Week one: Ideas on setting up your day and menu
Week two: Ingredient list and prep list
Week three: Cooking schedule
Week four: Final updates

Or something along those lines and time frame.

The point is.. I know several of you have expressed interest in freezer cooking and would love to learn how to utilize it to save money AND time, but just aren’t sure where to start.  By posting each week with steps on how to prepare and get organized, we can all (hopefully) be on the same page and it will be easier to follow along.

Of course, we don’t all have to be locked in to the same date (can you imagine trying to coordinate all of our schedules?), but each person plan a day within a week or so that works for them.

Rest assured, I am NOT an expert on freezer cooking so the planning and menu ideas won’t be complex.  We’ll keep it really simple and easy to follow along.

What are your thoughts?  Are you interested in joining along?  Leave a comment if you have any suggestions or things you would like to see me incorporate.

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