To #BeMoreHuman or Not To Be

by Melody on March 3, 2015


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Is that really even a question?

Be More Human. That’s the simple message in Reebok’s new brand campaign launched on January 28th, and was highlighted by a Super Bowl TV spot with their new ad, titled “Freak Show

I just LOVE this message and this was one of my favorite commercials during the Super Bowl.  But it begs the question?  What does it mean to YOU to be more human?  To me? I’ve been mulling this over for some time now.  About a month ago, Reebok contacted me to be a part of their Be More Human campaign.  The reason I enthusiastically agreed is two-fold.

First, I heart Reebok.  Everyday at CrossFit, I have something on from their company. Shoes, shorts, sports bra, socks.  Their stuff is great quality, their customer service is awesome and the COLORS ARE SO PRETTY. Which is important.  Of course.  Second?  I’m head over heels for this campaign.  Let’s highlight all that is awesome about the human condition.  Let’s get people thinking about what it is they want in life.  Why they have the goals they do.  Why they work hard.

But what does it FEEL like to be more human?  I kept asking myself over and over and over.  And I came back to the same answer time and time again.  Being more human for me, means feeling alive!  Feeling like I can get outside my day to day responsibilities and push myself over the edge.  It means being surrounded by like-minded people who push me to be a better version of myself.  It means feeling adrenaline coursing through my veins.  It means meeting new people and introducing awesome people to awesome people and being lifted up by all the awesomeness in the air around me.

So I do go to the gym everyday to have more energy, to be able to carry my kids around, to show my kids that being active is part of a healthy lifestyle.  I do.  But my driving force behind spending hours at the gym and taking time away from work and laundry and paying bills?

It makes me FEEL awesome.

I get to check out of what can often feel like monotonous days of carpooling and housework and JUST BE ME.  I can dig out that old competitive streak, the one that got buried after I graduated high school and basically finished playing team sports. I can work and work and work on movements and skills until I master them and then I FEEL ACCOMPLISHED.


I get to throw around barbells with weight on them!  Who knew this was a thing?  I get to work on technique and SEE IMPROVEMENT.  There are times when things go really well and I get to feel like an outright badass.  I don’t get that feeling from throwing another load of laundry in the dryer.

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Just about four years ago, my husband and I slowly, sort of kind of kicked off our weight loss journey. We started with some at-home, 20-minute workouts that turned into hour-long workouts at home that turned into signing up for local races that turned into signing up for 12-mile obstacle courses that turned into joining a CrossFit gym that turned into entering CrossFit competitions. Over the years, getting fit has led us down a healthier path with our nutrition. Switching out processed foods to switching to whole grains to giving up grains entirely to eating for performance. One change begets another change that in turn begets another change.

Over the years, I have realized what it takes for me to stay motivated, keep pushing myself and keep training towards something better. I have also realized that this journey will never end. There are always going to be new things to try, movements to perfect, heavier weights to lift, new challenges to pursue. For me, to stay stagnant equates fitness death and way too much ice cream.

Because we are on a pretty good path with our fitness and nutrition, my goals for 2014 are a little more narrow in scope.  I am basically trying to take what has worked so far in the place that I am at and dial it in like a boss.


Dial in my nutrition to better optimize my workouts and recovery time

We have been working really hard over the past few years to clean up our diets, remove the junk and eat as many whole/unprocessed foods as possible. Over the course of this year, I’d like to maximize not just what we eat but how much and when we eat it to give my body all the nutrition and energy it needs to be the best I can be in the gym and for my family. Eating three platefuls of sweet potatoes is technically “whole foods”, but is not necessarily going to be the best for my body. And there’s always the danger that I would actually turn into a sweet potato.  I want to make sure I’m getting the right amount of protein, healthy fats and carbs to properly fuel my body.


Run a 10K

What the what?  Who said that?

About four years ago, if you had suggested to me that I would ever run a mile without stopping, I would have laughed until I peed my pants. If you had suggested that I would ever sign up and run a 3.2 mile race in FRONT OF ALL THE PEOPLE, I would have slapped you in the face. If you had suggested that I would ever register for a 12-mile obstacle course and get electrocuted, I would have just died. Twice.

Sitting here today, I now know what my body is capable of, whether or not my mind thinks the same. Because of my previous successes, the fact that my brain is telling me I could never run a 10k lets me know that I should probably just do it. 5k? Sure. I’ll do that every day. 10k? Hahahahahahahahaha. Isn’t that like torture? That you pay for?

So I should and I will. Someone else sign me up.

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As a humble participant in the Reebok Mom Workout Series (so I had the badge tattooed on my back, what’s your point?), I have the outrageously hard job of testing out some Reebok CrossFit apparel and reporting back to my loyal readers.  Life is rough.

Initially, I was going to review a Reebok tank and came close to pulling the trigger.  Then I remembered that I have 172 tanks and one pair of shorts.  How is this possible?  I live in the desert and despise a body temperature of more than 50 degrees.   The shorts I wear now are just cotton cheer shorts that I picked up for $6 at Fred Meyer.  When I checked out Reebok’s selection, I almost fell out of my chair when I found out how much they were.  These are shorts people!

This is when I decided they were the perfect item to review.  Do people actually spend this kind of money on shorts that they have never tried on?  Hopefully I can shed some light.

PicMonkey Collage

Scratch that. Reebok CrossFit Womens Gradient Board Short? Best. Shorts. Ever.  I swear, when I was looking through my pictures trying to decide which to use, I wanted to go dig them out of the dirty laundry and wear them around the house.

The fabric is amazing and moves with your body through every exercise.  They are lightweight, but don’t retain moisture at all.  The more I sweat, the drier they stay and they don’t cling like sweaty cotton.

PicMonkey Collage

My favorite feature is the inner brief liner (similar to a board short).  No matter how I move or where I swing my legs, the liner prevents the shorts from slipping and sliding and showing off anything you don’t want to be seen.  I normally don’t show off pictures of my legs up in the air, but I wanted to show you that even in the most dire of circumstances, these shorts aren’t going anywhere.

One note on size: According to all the reviews, they run a little big.  I decided to go with a small even though they are on the shorter side and I’m glad I did.  I still have to cinch them up tight, so a medium would have been WAY too big.  They are short, but any longer and they wouldn’t be as comfortable.  I’m getting those big ol’ CrossFit thighs and booty and shorts that fit comfortably are hard to come by.

PicMonkey Collage

Check out my review of the CrossFit Performance Capri and The Clock is Watching Sports Bra.  I haven’t been wearing the pants as much lately because pants are lame in 100+ degree weather, but the bra is fantastic.  It is so supportive and never moves an inch in my workouts.  I love the cut of the straps (read: no chafing) and the support under my chest is perfect.  Plus, you kind of feel like a beast when you’re wearing the same sports bra as several athletes in the CrossFit Games.

So far, I’m really impressed with my Reebok CrossFit gear. Not only do they have high quality pants, bras and tops for basic work outs, they also have some super cute and trendy tank styles. These will definitely be on my list for future purchases and not just because wearing Reebok makes me feel a little bit CrossFit legit.

Question: What is the one fitness item you are willing to spend money on?  I’m honestly finding that 2-3 really good quality pieces are making all the difference.

Disclaimer: The items in this review were provided by Reebok as part of the Reebok Mom Workout Series, but the opinions are my own.

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374 Reasons Why I Love CrossFit

by Melody on January 22, 2013


Because you probably haven’t heard them from your other CrossFit-obsessed friends yet.

Towards the end of 2012, my husband and I finally headed to the free introductory CrossFit class at a local gym in Kennewick.  My good friend Dani has been busy over the past year insisting gently persuading us that we NEEDED to join.  She was gracious enough to let me take my sweet time getting there, although I know she wanted to drag me by my hair.  There always seemed to be an excuse or a reason it just wouldn’t work, but truth? I was terrified.  The kicker was when we got home from a 5K Mud Run we ran late last fall and found a FREE month membership to the very gym Dani had been trying to talk us into joining.  Coincidence?  Cosmic forces?  The gravitational pull of Dani?

Over the past few years, we have worked really hard to stick with our fitness goals while working out at home.  We have tried several different at-home videos and programs and have been very successful, but both of us had definitely hit a plateau.  While working out at home is an amazing convenience, it definitely has its limits.  We don’t have the room for a lot of equipment, not to mention the fact that we really can’t afford to go buy a ton of stuff that may or may not get used all that much.  We had hit a wall.

Day One.

You don’t need to know much more than the fact that I was hooked.  How is it possible to do 892 squats in an insanely short amount of time and fall in love with a gym, all in one night?  Every single day for the past two months, I have been challenged and pushed and beaten down a little and humbled and inspired and in awe and motivated and nauseous and furious and exhausted and sore.  Every single day for the past two months, I want to turn right back around and try it again.

Without trying to sound all cultish and hokey, the community of CrossFit is the reason I stay.  Working out along side someone who can lift ten times as much as you, but still stands beside you like you are equals, is amazing.  The first time I ever practiced a really heavy lift, I heard people from all over the gym (who probably only knew me as “The Girl That Comes With Dani”) cheering me on.  Nobody did that for me at home.  Unless you count my 4-year old telling me to jump higher.

CrossFit teaches functional fitness.  In the two months I have been there, I have done weight lifting, running, jump rope, handstands, played catch with a football, cartwheels.  I carried another woman on my back for 200 meters, for heaven’s sake.  I have never done the same workout twice.  Ever.  While all that may sound a little strange, I have noticed that I have far more energy for my kids, I’m sleeping better, I can push all 892 pounds of children in the stroller without wearing myself out.  It’s actually functional.  Imagine.

I love my blisters, my callouses, my bruises, my sore muscles, my chalk-covered pants.  I love that my kids can watch their Mama lift some serious business and run some serious distance.  I love that they are learning about fitness and health as a positive, encouraging and necessary part of each day.  I love my new CrossFit family, who are both encouraging and insanely competitive at the same time.

I love that Dani and I have epic text wars every night, debating on who loves CrossFit more, what we’re eating for dinner, when we get to go back to the gym.  I love that my husband and I are on this amazing journey together.  I love that we now have animated conversations about lifting techniques over dinner.  I love that he adores my “Angry Kettle Bell Face”.  I love that I can feel so broken, yet so restored, all at the same time.

Do I have any readers who are CrossFit peeps?  Please share your experience with us.  This post started out as my general fitness goals, but somehow merged into “My Personal Love Affair with CrossFit”.

If you are local and want to check out our gym, they offer a free introductory class every Friday.  Head over to the Natural Selection CrossFit website and sign up or email me at if you have questions.

Be sure to check out what I’m currently wearing to the gym.

You can check out my personal fitness goals and results page as well, to see my journey over the last few years.

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