Staying out of the Grocery Store Challenge: Week 3

by Melody on August 19, 2012

For the month of August, I am trying something new.  We have been (and still are) super busy this summer and I feel like I have been in and out of the grocery store non-stop picking up things for this BBQ or that party or this get-together.  I have decided to do my best to stay OUT of the grocery stores for the entire month.  For all the details on this series, how I prepared and where I will be picking up the food we need, read my “Staying out of the Grocery Store Challenge Kick-Off”.

Everyone needs an amazing friend like Monica, who for 2 years running, has grown way more produce than she can use and so generously passes it along to our family.  We sold our house and are in the serious process of packing and moving.  My friend Sarah came over and has helped me pack for a few hours on a few different days and I gave her some of the tomatoes I didn’t think we could use.  Is it wrong to barter with other people’s produce?

Next year, we are planning on having a pretty good size garden and I’m hoping to repay the favor to Monica.  Maybe we can grow all different stuff in our garden and trade?

We are so genuinely lucky to have a friend who gets us eggs.  She has a coworker who raises chickens and we pick them up at her work right up the street from our house for just $2/dozen!  I didn’t even get the kids out of the car this time around, super easy.

I was going to head to the NW Regional Food Hub to get our local milk, but it would have added another half an hour to an already long day of errands, so I went the easy route and ran into Albertsons down the street.  I picked up enough to hopefully get us through the next week and a half.  Sometimes the easy way is the best way, especially with toddlers.

On Tuesday, we had our CSA pick-up.  It’s right on the way home when my husband gets off work, so he just swings in and picks it up which is so convenient.  This week we picked up lots of lettuce and some Galia melon to support my 2-year old’s addiction.  As I mentioned, we are in the process of packing and if I didn’t have a big salad made in the fridge, I would probably eat dry cereal for every meal.

We also supplemented our produce with a weekly box from Fresh Picks WA.  My friend Sarah and I split a box this week, as we both still had quite a bit left over.  I got a huge bowl of amazing peaches, plums and apples for just $11 and all it required was a quick stop on the way home from an errand.  I love finding these amazing local (and easy) options to fill our cupboards and fridge!

Thoughts and observations

In the interest of full disclosure, since we are crazy busy packing,we have been eating a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and fruit for meals.  A friend of mine brought us dinner one night and another friend invited us over for a BBQ, so the need for a ton of food in the house has just not been there.

I haven’t thought much about shopping with coupons or trying to build our stockpile.  The thought of bringing something into our house that I will just have to pack and move again in a few weeks time makes me shy away.  I do think this was a fantastic accidental blessing that I ran this challenge for the month of August.  As I had done the bulk of my shopping at the beginning of the month before we found out we sold our house, we were prepared for just about anything.  Racing to the grocery store for something last minute has not been a problem, allowing us to focus on the task at hand.  Which is large.

I’d love to hear if you’ve done something similar.  How do you stay out of the stores?

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