Staying out of the Grocery Store Challenge: Week 1

by Melody on August 5, 2012

For the month of August, I am trying something new.  We have been (and still are) super busy this summer and I feel like I have been in and out of the grocery store non-stop picking up things for this BBQ or that party or this get-together.  I have decided to do my best to stay OUT of the grocery stores for the entire month.  For all the details on this series, how I prepared and where I will be picking up the food we need, read my “Staying out of the Grocery Store Challenge Kick-Off”.

Week 1 was a bit of a cheat.  We spent almost the entire week in Seaside, Oregon with my parents.  They rented a house for all of us to stay and bought all the food.  We did give them some money from our Entertainment fund to help cover the cost of the house, but they bought ALL the food.  The only time I stepped foot in a grocery store was to work on Rite Aid match ups at the crack of dawn on Friday at Safeway in Seaside.  All I bought was a Starbucks coffee.

Since we had been gone all week, I had to make a few emergency stops at the store once we got home.  Desperation shopping, I’ll call it.

I ran in to Albertsons while my husband was getting gas after the trip to snag a 1/2 gallon of milk.

I also realized that we weren’t going to make it through the month without buying diapers and I had some +UP Rewards that were going to expire, so I ran to Rite Aid.  I know I said I would try to pass up all the great deals, but my rewards were going to expire and we NEED razors, so I snagged these Bic Soleil razors for just $.50 each after coupons.

I also tend to pick up extremely random items when I am there, as I kind of hate running to a zillion different stores.  I have my Wellness+ discount, which gives me 20% off regular priced items every day.  All of the paper plates and cutlery for my son’s 4th birthday party this weekend were $.80 each and the shoe laces (which my kids desperately need) were $1.75 each.  Saved me a trip to another store!

I’m ready to see how I can really do this week.  We have a full week, with a BBQ and movie in the park this weekend, along with company coming to stay AND my son’s 4th birthday party.  I feel like I’m ready for all of these events and am interested to see how I can resist the temptation to run to the store for Just. One. More. Thing.

I’d love to hear if you’ve done something similar.  How do you stay out of the stores?

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sandra August 5, 2012 at 9:36 pm

my kids had swimming lessons everyday this week and next too! I did hit the stores saturday we managed Costco, walmart and safeway in one day, very exhausting! I didnt get my $4 catalina from kelloggs so I have to go back to safeway in the morning when a managers there, most annoying!


Mary August 5, 2012 at 9:52 pm

I feel the same way. I have been going to the grocery nearly daily with house guests and summer fun. We LOVE the whole ERIE milk…it is SO good. My kids love getting the little flecks of cream in their cereal (despite my best efforts to shake the bottle completely). It is such a treat.

I don’t know if you have covered this but we get our eggs from Red Mountain Eggs (out of Richland). They deliver to your door in the Tri-Cities and their eggs are amazing! I wish I could get my ERIE delivered to my door! 😀


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