Rite Aid: Care Bears baby wipes 1.3 cents each!

by Melody on May 14, 2011









In the larger Rite Aid stores that have an expanded food section, check out the $1 aisles.  In two of our local stores, I have found some really great items, including full size snack items (pretzels, cookies, crackers), paper plates and bowls, Apple & Eve juice boxes and tons of household items.

My favorite deal is an 80-count package of Care Bears baby wipes for just $1.  This works out to 1.3 cents per wipe!  If you have your Wellness+ discount, these will ring up as low as 80 cents each or 1 cent per wipe!  Remember, these are NOT in the baby section, but in the $1 section if your store has one.  I can’t vouch for the quality of these wipes, but this is a great price to snag a few packs to keep in the car or the diaper bag.

Keep in mind, ALL of these $1 items will ring up with your Wellness+ discount, so as low as 80 cents.  You should be able to score some fantastic deals!

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