Review: Natureshop organic and natural clothing products

by Emilie on October 20, 2011

I was contacted several months ago by a company called Natureshop out of the United Kingdom and New Zealand to do a review of their products.  I really went back and forth on doing it, because the prices are a little higher than others that I generally promote on the blog.  However, upon doing a little more research on the company, I found that all the products they offer are from companies with very strong “green credentials” and who strive to be environmentally responsible.  They even carry several organic lines.

I chose this Women’s Icebreaker Bali Hood and these Ukala Taj High Chestnut Boots.

The Ukala boots are fantastic.  The reason this review took so long was because I was waiting for some good boot weather to really give them a run for their money.  I wore them all weekend in Pullman, WA while my husband and I were tailgating which was the ideal boot-reviewing situation: cold and lots and lots of walking.

The lining is made of 100% merino wool and is super soft.  I didn’t even wear socks with the boots and my feet stayed really warm and I did not sweat at all.  No funky boot foot odor from these.  Even with this being the first time wearing the boots, my feet were so comfortable.  They also managed to hold up to the gross rainy weather and mud with no problems.

It’s quite possible that I have developed an obsession for the Icebreaker Bali Hood jacket.  I wear it everyday and just about everywhere.  Besides being the only jacket I have that fits right now, there are approximately 1,872 reasons that I love it.  It is super soft and comfortable, it has a little bit of Lycra for stretch so it fits really well, it washes well and it is amazingly warm.  I love that it isn’t all that bulky, but still keeps out the chilly weather.  The best feature I have found is that it is actually breathable, so if I wear it on a warmer day, I don’t roast.

I asked Emilie to review the baby pajamas, as my youngest shot straight from 3-6 months to 2T.  Kidding, but only a little.

Is this adorable striped onesie not the cutest? Honestly, the picture doesn’t do it justice. The fabric is perfectly soft (100% organic cotton) and the navy stripes are adorable.  Currently priced at $11.37 at the Nature Shop website, these would be a great onesie to stock up on as a staple to wear everyday and would definitely make a great gift.  You can see more details about their long sleeved onesies here.

Sadly, my little missy doesn’t fit in them yet or you would be seeing her dressed head to toe in these cute stripes.  At seven months she is barely fitting in 6-12 months items and these are sized at one year.  I would say they run about true to size. I’m hoping she will fit in them around Christmas. I’ll try to remember to post a picture of her in the outfit when it fits her!

These are the drawstring pants that came with the onesie.  Also, so cute and soft.  We received the navy and white stripe and they would be perfect for a boy or a girl.  Details here on the pants which are currently priced at $13.17.  I have super long skinny babies and some of the clothes we have are so short and wide they don’t fit my kids very well.  Both the onesie and pants I received from Nature Shop, however, are perfectly proportionate.

The baby clothes from Nature Shop are sized at newborn, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, one year and two years.  They come in a variety of colors and all look like they are made of this amazing, cuddly cotton.  You can see all their baby items here. I want to get my littlest the Baby Sheepskin Booties in Chestnut. They are so cute!

A huge thank you to Natureshop for allowing me to review your products!  While I was provided these items at no cost, the review and opinions are all my own.  Check out their website, they have some wonderful products and offer free shipping on all orders to the United States.

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