Review: Marika workout apparel and accessories

by Melody on September 4, 2013


I was recently contacted by a company called Marika to possibly review some of their workout apparel.  As I’ve mentioned once or twice ALL THE TIME, Marika is one of my all-time favorite brands to work out in.  Their tanks are amazing.  Super comfortable, flattering and they hold up really well to a zillion washes and a zillion sweaty workouts.

Choosing an outfit to review was really hard, as I tend to gravitate towards the known and the familiar and this Seamless Harmony Trinity Tank is my total favorite.  But no dear Melody, this is a review.  You’re supposed to actually check out things you haven’t worn a million times before.  Quick plug though, it’s the most wonderful tank.  You should buy one. Or three.  I’m pretty sure the fabric is made from magical unicorn fur laced with rainbows.

I chose the Marika Tek Leo Tank for my top for a few reasons.  It’s a completely different fabric than I usually wear (polyester with a little spandex) and it has mesh panels.  Who doesn’t love a shirt with mesh?  I’ve had the shirt for a few weeks now and have worn it over and over and over and over.  It’s a little tighter than I normally wear, but the fabric is awesome.  It almost instantly wicks away sweat and doesn’t cling like I originally thought it would.  It is definitely on the tighter side, so if you aren’t comfortable with tight-fitting clothing, I would order a size up.

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For my bottoms, it was an intense decision.  I have lots of workout pants that I really love and just found a new style of shorts that are fantastic, so I searched for something a little different.  I decided to go right down the middle and order the Define Your Fit Bermuda pant.  The fabric is very soft and comfortable and the fit is really flattering.  The waist band is a little higher than I normally wear, but I have worked out with the waist rolled down as well and they stay put.  One main requirement for me with pants is that I don’t have to think about them.  In CrossFit, we do so many different fast-paced movements that I don’t have time for pants that need constant adjusting.

I also LOVE the length.  These would be perfect for gals who aren’t quite comfortable wearing shorts yet, but need something cooler than pants because they work out in 100-degree heat with no air conditioning.  The opening above the knees is not super tight either, which I love.  They are tight enough to stay put, but they don’t suck in and squeeze out everything you got going on down there.


I also begged asked them to let me try one of their fun headbands.  I’m sort of kind of growing my bangs out/can’t decide whether I still want bangs, so they are all over the place.  Just like I don’t want pants that need adjusting, hair that is constantly in my face is a close second in annoyance factor.  I tried the Mega Braid Headband and really like it.  I do like wider headbands to hide the days when I don’t wash my hair, but this headband worked great for keeping the hair out of my face.  I have struggled in the past with bands that slip in the middle of workouts and/or give me a headache, but this did neither.

This review has just reinforced my feelings about Marika as a company.  My favorite part is that their outfits are very affordable, especially their tanks.  The Leo Tank is priced at just $30 regularly, but I have purchased the few I have for much less than that on a good sale.  The quality is great, they hold up well AND are priced right.  Trifecta.

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Do you have a go-to tank or piece that you work out in regularly?  If you find something you love, do you tend to stick with it or try new things?

Disclosure: The items in this review were provided by Marika, but the opinions are my own.  I received no additional compensation for writing this post.  And just in case it needs to be said, their tanks are not actually made out of unicorn fur.

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