{Reminder} Capital One 360: Earn $100 bonus with new checking account or $76 for new online savings account

by Melody on July 3, 2013

during-bannerThis is just a reminder that Capital One 360 is running an AMAZING Independence Day sale on their savings and checking accounts. If you have been waiting to sign up, do not miss out on this sale as it only comes around maybe twice per year.  Today (July 3rd) is the very last day this promotion is running and most likely won’t be back around until Black Friday!

We have been using Capital One 360 for several years to hold our miscellaneous savings and our Emergency Fund for, you know, emergencies. Their online platform is really easy to use and your savings account is semi-fluid, meaning you can access your money in 2-3 business days instead of it being available to pull out at any time. We were able to quickly link our checking account to transfer money back and forth.

My favorite part about the savings account is that you can set up several sub-accounts under your main account. For example, we have accounts for both kids, car insurance that we pay on a bi-yearly basis, preschool and more. This helps keep our money separate without having to open multiple accounts.


Here’s the scoop on the sale:

Open a brand-new, no fee 360 Savings Account between July 1st and 3rd with a minimum $500 deposit and a $76 bonus will be added to your account. Your bonus will start earning interest on Day 1, but will not be available to withdraw until Day 30. Starting immediately, you will earn a 0.75% Annual Percentage Yield.


They are also running a great sale on the 360 Checking Account. We took advantage of this bonus promotion a few years ago and it was super simple. This is a very easy way to add a little extra money to your pockets this summer!

Open a 360 Checking Account, make a total of 5 purchases within the first 45 days and Capital One 360 will automatically deposit $100 into your account.

  • Open a 360 Checking account between July 1st and 3rd with a minimum deposit of $500
  • Make a total of 5 signature or pin-based purchases using your 360 Checking debit card or Checkmate deposits in the first 45 days
  • On day 50, $100 will automatically be deposited in your account

This bonus is only available for new 360 Checking account holders.  Since Capital One 360 used to be ING Direct, you can not do this promotion if you had an ING account either.

Click here to open a savings account or here to open a 360 Checking account.

For more information on why we like and use Capital One 360, read my post here.

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