Reebok Mom Workout Series: CrossFit Womens Gradient Board Shorts

by Melody on August 9, 2013


As a humble participant in the Reebok Mom Workout Series (so I had the badge tattooed on my back, what’s your point?), I have the outrageously hard job of testing out some Reebok CrossFit apparel and reporting back to my loyal readers.  Life is rough.

Initially, I was going to review a Reebok tank and came close to pulling the trigger.  Then I remembered that I have 172 tanks and one pair of shorts.  How is this possible?  I live in the desert and despise a body temperature of more than 50 degrees.   The shorts I wear now are just cotton cheer shorts that I picked up for $6 at Fred Meyer.  When I checked out Reebok’s selection, I almost fell out of my chair when I found out how much they were.  These are shorts people!

This is when I decided they were the perfect item to review.  Do people actually spend this kind of money on shorts that they have never tried on?  Hopefully I can shed some light.

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Scratch that. Reebok CrossFit Womens Gradient Board Short? Best. Shorts. Ever.  I swear, when I was looking through my pictures trying to decide which to use, I wanted to go dig them out of the dirty laundry and wear them around the house.

The fabric is amazing and moves with your body through every exercise.  They are lightweight, but don’t retain moisture at all.  The more I sweat, the drier they stay and they don’t cling like sweaty cotton.

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My favorite feature is the inner brief liner (similar to a board short).  No matter how I move or where I swing my legs, the liner prevents the shorts from slipping and sliding and showing off anything you don’t want to be seen.  I normally don’t show off pictures of my legs up in the air, but I wanted to show you that even in the most dire of circumstances, these shorts aren’t going anywhere.

One note on size: According to all the reviews, they run a little big.  I decided to go with a small even though they are on the shorter side and I’m glad I did.  I still have to cinch them up tight, so a medium would have been WAY too big.  They are short, but any longer and they wouldn’t be as comfortable.  I’m getting those big ol’ CrossFit thighs and booty and shorts that fit comfortably are hard to come by.

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Check out my review of the CrossFit Performance Capri and The Clock is Watching Sports Bra.  I haven’t been wearing the pants as much lately because pants are lame in 100+ degree weather, but the bra is fantastic.  It is so supportive and never moves an inch in my workouts.  I love the cut of the straps (read: no chafing) and the support under my chest is perfect.  Plus, you kind of feel like a beast when you’re wearing the same sports bra as several athletes in the CrossFit Games.

So far, I’m really impressed with my Reebok CrossFit gear. Not only do they have high quality pants, bras and tops for basic work outs, they also have some super cute and trendy tank styles. These will definitely be on my list for future purchases and not just because wearing Reebok makes me feel a little bit CrossFit legit.

Question: What is the one fitness item you are willing to spend money on?  I’m honestly finding that 2-3 really good quality pieces are making all the difference.

Disclaimer: The items in this review were provided by Reebok as part of the Reebok Mom Workout Series, but the opinions are my own.

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Alice November 30, 2013 at 3:31 pm

Thanks for your review on the shorts – it is warming up here in Australia and am looking to invest in some more crossfit gear – i need to be able to cool down easily, but i need to be able to fit my booty and thighs into them!


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