Random Acts of Kindness Week: February 11 – 17

by Melody on February 10, 2013

UntitledRandom Acts of Kindness Week starts Monday February 11th and runs through the 17th.  The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation is hoping that people will go above and beyond this week in doing things for others, big or small.

I read about this a few weeks ago and it’s got me thinking a lot about how we go through our days.  I fail spectacularly every day as a parent, but one of the things I feel that I do well is to model politeness and kindness to my kids.  My husband and I do our best to be kind to cashiers, waitresses, people we talk to on the phone.  We take meals to friends who just had babies or are sick, we try to help our neighbors, we do our best to be nice to each other on a daily basis.

One of the things that has really struck me since having kids is how much someone’s seemingly small gesture can make a world of difference.  Just offering to push my cart back into the store when I’m juggling my two toddlers and all my groceries can seem monumental.  On occasion, I’ve had people offer to lift heavy stuff into my trunk or bring back a shoe that we dropped in the produce department.  These may not seem like much to those that offer, but can make or break someone’s morning or afternoon.

My boys and I are going to try to practice at LEAST one act each day this week.  I feel like we do pretty good on a daily basis, but we are going to go out of our way this week.  Thank goodness we are over the flu, or we’d be begging for someone to practice random acts of kindness on us.

A few ideas:

  • Pay for someone’s latte in the drive-thru at your coffee stand
  • Send a handwritten note to a friend or relative
  • Drop off dinner, muffins or treats to a friend or neighbor who could use a pick-me-up
  • Invite a friend out for lunch and pick up the tab (or make it at home)
  • Leave a note or treats for your garbage or mail man
  • Go through your cupboards and donate to the food bank or homeless shelter

I’ll do my best to update throughout the week on what we are up to.  Please leave a comment if you have any fun ideas!

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