Product Review: Munchkin Click-Lock Sippy Cups

by Melody on March 14, 2012

Recently, I did a review on some Munchkin products and mentioned that we have struggled to find good sippy cups that stand up to toddler torture.  We did find some wonderful no-frills Munchkin cups at Target that are just $.99 and bought several to use as milk cups, but we have gone through several different styles of water cups.

My kids either bite through the rubber nipples or they just plain leak.  My kids leave their cups laying on their side or standing on end and we have puddles all over the house.  When we do find cups that we can live with, we lose them.  Munchkin saw that we have struggled and offered to let us try their new Click-Lock Cups.  Heck yes, we will.  I seriously feel like we were unintentional product testers anyway, we can’t be the only people who struggle with this.  Are my kids just rough on everything?

We have been using the Click-Lock cups for about 2 weeks now and I am pretty impressed.  They come in several different styles for different ages, ranging from straight sippy cups to cups with a flip-up straw to the Big Kid cup.  The main feature they are promoting is that all the cups “click” when they are officially closed, so you know they won’t leak.  While this feature obviously isn’t necessary, it’s nice to hear and know that the cup is actually closed before handing it off to the Terminators.






We were sent both the Flip-Straw cup and the Big Kid cup, as my kids are 3 1/2 and almost 2.  We’ve been pretty impressed with both so far.  Under normal wear and tear, there have been zero leaks and they have held up to a lot of torture. The locking and unlocking of the lid take just enough parent-strength that my kiddos have not been able to do it on their own, but not so much that I feel like I need to put on my Rambo hat to do it.

Here’s my official review and recommendation:

While I love both styles and my kids think the straw is hilariously fun for some reason, I’m taking the Big Kid cup all the way to the top.  Even with a no-leak cup, my kids have figured out how to make the straw cup leak as they think the straw is the funnest new toy to come down the pike.  They flip it up and down, squish it, bite it.  It’s held up to a lot of torture, but has wiggled loose a few times and caused small leaks.

The Big Kid cup, on the other hand, is like Fort Knox for little hands.  It has no rubber parts, nothing sticking out to play with, just straight drinking and nothing else.  For parents, it’s super easy to clean, easy to open and we have never had a single leak.  Even though it is billed as the “Big Kid” cup, my almost 2 year old has figured it out.  It took him a few tries and I had to help him figure out where the holes were once or twice, but he has mastered it.  We will gladly be picking up a second Big Kid cup.

While this is not earth-shattering information, I know it will help out those of you with sippy cup woes like our family.  I’d love to hear about your favorites?  Have you tried these new Click-Lock cups?

Disclaimer: In case it wasn’t clear in the post, Munchkin did give me these cups to review but I am receiving no monetary compensation for reviewing them.  I didn’t hire toddlers to test them out nor did I hire someone to write this, the opinions are all my own.

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