Product Review: Men’s Merrell Waterproof Boots

by Melody on April 5, 2012

I know, I know.  Men’s boots?  Have I lost my mind?

When I was recently contacted by Natureshop UK to do a possible review on a product from Keen, Merrell, Patagonia or a few other brands, I knew instantly what I would choose.  There is absolutely no better person in the world than my husband to review a pair of Merrell boots.


  1. He is unfailingly honest.  Always.  No exceptions.
  2. He lives in boots.  He wears them all day, at home, at work, during the winter, during the summer, with pants, with shorts.  He would wear them to bed if I didn’t vehemently object.  I try to convince him to take them off in the house when he comes in to no avail.

While this is a little out of the realm of this blog, I am nothing if I am not flexible.  We all need to be a little well-rounded and it’s good for me to share things other than just what I love the most.  I posted several months ago about how, as a family, we are frugal in nature, but still prefer to spend money on items we know are quality and will stand the test of time.  My husband is definitely more in this frame of mind than I am.  He just won’t buy anything cheap to get by, he knows it is a waste of time.  Boots are a prime example.

He chose to review a pair of the Merrell Refuge Core Mid Ventilator Waterproof Boots from Natureshop’s line of Merrell shoes.  He has owned one pair of Merrell boots in the past that he wore almost every day for 3 1/2 years.  He knew this would be the way to go when he bought a new pair.  He has been nothing but happy with them from day one.

His official review:

They have excellent traction, with big knobby grips on the soles to help grab on for dear life.  They are extremely well-insulated and are perfect for working outside, hiking, hunting, you name it.  He said they do keep his feet so warm that he has a hard time wearing them to work (he works in an office), as they are almost too warm.  Since wearing them to work is not really what they are billed for, I don’t even consider this a complaint.  I told you he wears them all the time.

I’ve learned after years of marriage that a man and his boots are not to be taken lightly.  My husband knows his stuff and is not a fan of settling for something that is going to be inferior just to save a few bucks.  If he says these are great quality and worth every penny, they are.

Several months ago, I reviewed a fabulous pair of boots and Icebreaker Bali Hood Jacket from Natureshop.  I mentioned in the review that I was obsessed with the jacket.  I still am.  I wear it almost every day and it has completely maintained its shape and color.  And it’s amazing.  I want to buy 12 more.

A huge thank you to Natureshop for allowing me to review your products.  While I was provided these items at no cost, the review and opinions are all our own.  Check out their website, they have some wonderful products and offer free shipping on all orders to the United States.

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