My personal Costco shopping trip

by Melody on January 9, 2013

photo(4)My son and I ran to Costco yesterday to restock our fridge and pantry and it occurred to me that I haven’t shared a shopping trip in a long time.  While it’s true that not everything at Costco is a fantastic deal or worth picking up, if you know what you’re looking for AND know your stock-up prices, it can be totally worth it.

I spent about $70 on everything shown above, including:

  • TONS of fresh produce
  • 5+ lb pork loin (I will split into thirds and freeze)
  • Organic diced tomatoes ($.75/can)
  • 2 lbs of queso fresco

I had a few specific items on my list, but also knew I was going to check out prices and buy produce based on what was available and what was a good price.  This is one of the most important methods I use for saving money on our grocery budget.  While we may not have a coupon for produce and it may not be on “sale”, just knowing what is a good price per pound or per ounce can save you tons of money.  You can easily reference my Pantry/Household Stock-up Price List for ideas on good produce prices.

As you may have noticed, I didn’t pick up anything from the home mailer for January.  While I think there were several good deals this month, there wasn’t anything we were desperate for and I’m really trying to stay within budget this month.

I’d love to hear how you shop Costco!  What tips and tricks do you have for staying within budget?

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Helen in Meridian January 10, 2013 at 10:17 pm

I got my eyes examined and new contacts. I also couldn’t resist their polka dot wired ribbon in black and white and plain black, and also the red polka dot ribbon. I am trying their Kirkland facial wipes for the first time. Thanks to you I love their rear wipes, so I thought I’d try their face wipes. Also they had marked down their men’s jackets with faux fur collar to $14.99. I brought one home to my dh. The last 2 weeks have been really cold.


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