My 2013 Personal Goals: Strengthening relationships with friends and family

by Melody on January 17, 2013


Each day this week, I will be sharing a different personal goal for the coming year.

:: Goal #1 – Separating work and home
:: Goal #2 – Streamline our daily routine

Strengthening relationships with friends and family

I read somewhere last year that we should always make decisions that will strengthen the bonds with the people in our lives.  When faced with a choice to spend time with people or work (or clean or pay bills or vacuum or go grocery shopping), we should do our best to choose personal interaction.

I’ve found that especially with toddlers, choosing to stay home instead of going out for a drink or coffee with friends is SO much easier.  While I always know it will be fun to spend time with those I love, the thought of just sitting on the couch and staring at the wall in my pajamas often times sounds more relaxing.  However, once I get out there and make the effort, I’m always glad I did.  Spending time with good friends and family is good for the soul and can definitely recharge our batteries.

Several times last year, I can recall consciously making the decision to set aside the computer or force myself to actually put some makeup on so I could go spend time with friends.  Although I may have felt a little behind at home, I was always glad I made the choice to strengthen those ties and let loose a little.

While it’s so easy to get all wrapped up in what’s going on at home (laundry, dishes, meal planning, SLEEP), it’s also very easy to let some of our relationships slip through our fingers without giving them the attention they deserve.  After having kids, I found I really needed to work to keep my relationships strong.

My plan for the coming year is to continue to make dates with friends.  Make dates for coffee.  Makes dates for kid play.  Make lunch dates.  Make gym dates.  Invite friends and their families over for dinner.  I have a friend who really loves having people over, but struggles to find the perfect time or the perfect dinner or the perfect group.  Over the holidays, we invited friends over almost every weekend.  It was always chaos and we always stood around talking over a ginormous pile of dishes and the kids always ran around at MACH10, but it was always amazing.   It was worth every dirty dish to reconnect.

Please share with us if you have set goals for yourself or your family.  How do you ensure that your relationships stay strong?

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Kathryn January 17, 2013 at 9:34 pm

This one really resonates with me! Although my kids are a bit older and I work part time, I still find it hard to force myself to make that “extra” efforts for friends. I’m going to try to make this a new focus this year! Thanks for the push! 🙂


Rachell Newman January 18, 2013 at 7:08 am

We were just thinking we should visit you guys when
We are in town! It’s been a long time since we sa you and
Mike and the kids. I need your phone number:)


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