My 2013 Personal Goals: Streamline our daily routine

by Melody on January 16, 2013


Each day this week, I will be sharing a different personal goal for the coming year.

:: Goal #1 – Separating work and home

Goal #2: Streamline our daily routine

With my son in preschool three days a week and living farther out of town, I have noticed that we really have to stream line our weekly schedule to keep everyone from losing their minds.

I have gotten back into the habit of using my amazing weekly planner and writing in all events, school days, meal planning ideas and pertinent errands or tasks for the week.  Knowing what is coming for the week (with mostly no surprises) helps make things easier with two toddlers who are constantly full of surprises.

As much as possible, I pack for the coming day in the evening.  I make sure we have backpacks out, snacks ready for any errands we may have to run, items we need for those errands set out (returns, receipts, recycling drop-off), gym clothes washed.  I’m nowhere close to perfect, but it has helped make our mornings run a lot smoother.

With this comes a little more time for play in the mornings and a LOT less frustration.  Life is crazy enough with toddlers, being prepared takes away some of the edge.  When we are running late, 99% of the time it is my fault.  I haven’t been prepared and have pushed things to the last minute, which just creates anxiety for everyone.  Although, sometimes it is because my 2-year old can only seem to find one of his favorite green shoes.

My goal for the year is to try to sit down every Sunday and plan out the coming week (or two).  Plan may be a loose term some weeks, it may be more like “Take a look at the calendar and make sure the world isn’t ending anytime soon and do we need milk in the fridge”.

Please share with us if you have set goals for yourself or your family.  How do you keep your sanity throughout the daily and weekly craziness that comes along with life?

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