My 2013 Personal Goals: Separating work and home

by Melody on January 15, 2013


I’m not sure about all of you, but I was actually really looking forward to the promise of a new year.  While I love the holidays and all the hustle and bustle, we tend to lose the identity of our family and our routine in the month of December.  Life just gets busier.  Busy in a wonderful way of course, but busy nonetheless.

January brings feelings of promise and hope, the chance to take a look at our lives and streamline and simplify.  There’s something so refreshing about diving into our everyday and creating spaces that make life easier.  Reorganizing, shuffling and recreating the budget, purging, making new routines.

I’ve been taking a good hard look at what is going on in our house and in our lives and have set some personal goals for the coming year.  These aren’t really drastic or life-changing, just things I think about on an almost daily basis and wanted to give them a solid base.

Goal #1: Separating work and home

Ha.  And ha.

I work from home about six hours each day, on average.  I don’t have an office.  I have a couch with a laptop and piles of paperwork and 27 to-do lists in 27 different places.  I have two little Dudes who claim every square inch of the house and insist on sitting on my lap if I’m attempting to blog during Mickey Mouse.

After we moved into our new house, shockingly, my kids routine changed.  5 AM wake up calls, potty training, bed transitions, room transitions, house transitions.  All of these added up to a crazy non-routine and a frenzied Mama who tried to squeeze everything in, even if it meant blogging from the bathroom.

My husband and I talked a lot about what we could do to ease the guilt and anxiety I was feeling about trying to make time for the blog and the family and the house and the and the and the and the.  My blog is a business and a career and we decided we needed to treat it as such.  He offered to take one night of the week as sole parent and let me go get some business done at Starbucks, run errands for the blog or anything else that needs attention.  This will help alleviate my anxiety, as I know I have one dedicated evening to myself (on top of nap time and early mornings and late nights).

Along with this, I decided that I would like to take one day off each weekend for my sanity.  I took several days off over the Christmas break and NOT focusing on the blog every spare second I had was amazing and so refreshing.  I ran errands at nap time, I sat and played on the floor with my kids more and I didn’t feel guilty for one second.  I’m hoping that one dedicated night “on” and one dedicated day “off” will balance each other out and I will get a chance to rejuvenate my blogging mojo at the end of each week.

Each day this week, I will be sharing a different personal goal for the coming year.  Please share with us if you have set goals for yourself or your family.  I’d love to hear your tips and tricks for finding balance in the home.  Do you work from home?  How do you keep your time separate?

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MissJay January 15, 2013 at 11:13 pm

I don’t work from home, but my husband sometimes does. We live in a small space, and we do everything in the living room. Both computers are located there as well. Most of the time it works out well, but it can be especially tough for the kids to recognize work time for dad because as he is a game tester, it looks remarkably like playtime. One thing that helps is we have him wear headphones when he is working. (Whether he needs them or not). For the kids this is a real visual symbol they are learning means dad is unavailable.


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