Lessons I Have Learned From My Children: The Morning Shuffle

by Melody on March 13, 2012

While there was nothing really out of this ordinary that happened this morning, as I thought back on some of the things that happened, they all seemed rather hilarious.  Each single thing would have been no big deal, but as they happened one after the other I had to laugh at the controlled chaos that is my life right now.

I have (for the most part) beat the morning craziness by waking up significantly earlier than my kids to get some things done.  I blog a little, work out, shower.  This morning was no different.  What was different was that we had to be at MOPS at 9.  Everything was going fine until I needed the kids to get dressed.  Thank goodness I’ve learned to give ourselves a large chunk of time to accomplish this.  Definitely learned the hard way, but learned regardless.

I asked my 3 year old to put his clothes on, which he is learning to do.  He did it wonderfully, although he put them on OVER his pajamas. Mom to the rescue.

I asked him to find his Crocs to put on, so I wouldn’t have to stop to tie his shoes.  He could only find one.  Converse? Sure.  Mom to the rescue.

My youngest thinks he has invented a fun game called “I’ll let Mom put on one shoe, but then she MUST chase me around the house with the other until I giggle so hard I have to stop running”.  Finally get his shoes and coat on.  He starts vigorously pulling on his coat and wants to put on his sweater.  Mom to the rescue.

With arms fully loaded and two toddlers almost out the door, my oldest stops and insists he bring his two tractors in the car.  Fine.  My youngest refuses to move because he wants his Scooby Doo sunglasses.  Fine.  I put EVERYTHING down to put on his sunglasses.  As I’m doing this, I notice that my kitchen looks like a bomb went off.  I didn’t even cook anything this morning.

As I finally get everyone in the car, I realize I have left the front door wide open.  I go back to close the door and just before it closes, I notice the heel of the missing Croc peeking out from under the bench in the entry.  Mocking me, I think.

The life of a Momma.  I don’t think it’s possible to fully understand the hilarity unless you’ve been there.

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Heather March 13, 2012 at 1:02 pm

My kids do that too. We get half way to the car and they realize their hands are empty and they must grab the two objects with-in two feet of them!


HeyCupcake March 13, 2012 at 1:40 pm

Momma’s rock


Rachell Newman March 13, 2012 at 1:44 pm

Oh i thought I’m the only one that goes through days like that!!! thank you for sharing Mel… now I feel like I’m a normal person…..


Jen March 13, 2012 at 1:45 pm

Oh boy, this sounds like the story of my life every.morning! 🙂 And my kids are a bit older now, too, at 3 & 5 – but we still have the morning madness!


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