Join me in my “war against clutter”

by Melody on July 17, 2011







It’s official.

I’m waging war on my house.

I have been feeling increasingly frustrated by the amount of “stuff” my kids have.  My youngest is totally growing out of the baby toys stage, and to be honest, he never really played with them much anyway.  He always preferred to play with whatever his big brother was playing with at the time.  Our bookshelf is sagging under the weight.  Our toy bins are stuffed to the gills.

We don’t have a ton of storage space in our house so every nook and cranny has “stuff”.  Of course, we use a lot of this stuff.  We really do.  But I have to admit to myself that there are things we haven’t used in years.  Or toys that would be much better used by children who don’t have as much as mine.

I’ve had to acknowledge the fact that this clutter is starting to stress me out.  Every time I look at the toy bins, I think my blood pressure jumps a few notches.  I don’t know why all of a sudden, it’s starting to bother me, but I’m just taking this as a sign that it is time to do something about it.

This post from Couponing to Disney is what got me thinking.  Instead of getting rid of 25 items per day (I just don’t think I’m that committed yet), I’m going to get rid of 15 items per day for one week.  It can be anything.  Toys, clothes, kitchen items, anything.  I will find a home for it all at the end of the week, either by trashing it, selling it or donating it.  Or repurposing it if at all possible.

This is Step One for me in attempting to remove some of the stressors in my life.  Not that I have that many really, but I’m just trying to streamline things a little.  This is one that has got me all up in arms, but should be an easy fix.

Would anyone like to join me?  Even if you don’t have a lot of clutter in your home, I know we all have some things we’d like to streamline or make more efficient.  Please share your ideas!

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