ING Direct: Up to $152 bonus when you open free checking account, $17.76 bonus for Kids Savings Accounts, $27.76 for new MONEY accounts

by Melody on July 2, 2012

Update: As of 1/22/13, this offer is no longer available.

Just a reminder that you only have one more day to take advantage of this amazing ING Direct offer: Open a free Electric Orange checking account, make 5 purchases within 45 days of account opening and get a $76 bonus added to your account.  I did this a few years ago and it was super easy with no complications.

Step 1:

  • Click here to open an account
  • Make 5 debit card or Person2Person purchases within 45 days of opening your account
  • Your $76 bonus will be added to your account by August 22nd

Step 2 (totally optional, you will still get your first bonus):

  • Set up Direct Deposit in your new ING account
  • Have at least $250 deposited into your account by August 31st
  • Your 2nd $76 bonus will be deposited by September 10th

Your new account will come with a Mastercard debit card, free online bill pay and no ATM surcharge at over 35,000 ATM’s.  Must be a new Electric Orange account to receive bonus.

A few additional options:

$17.76 Bonus for new Kids Savings Account

  • Open a new Kids Savings Account (either you or your child must be new ING customers)
  • $17.76 bonus will be deposited in the account, no minimum deposit required
  • Your deposit will start earning interest immediately and is available for deposit after 30 days

We did this for both of our kids last year and it was seamless.  I was able to open them each an account within my main ING account, which is nice because then you don’t have multiple accounts to manage.  You can do this for each of your children!  I use their accounts to hold any money they get for their birthday or Christmas.

$27.76 Bonus for new MONEY Account

  • Open a new MONEY Account (debit card that teens and parents manage together)
  • Make just one card transaction within the first 30 days
  • Your $27.76 bonus will be deposited on day 35
  • No minimum deposit required

We use ING Direct for all of our savings account.  We have one main umbrella account and then individual savings accounts underneath.  For example, we save each month to pay our car insurance every 6 months. While we’re waiting to pay, the money hangs out at ING.  We have our $1000 Emergency Fund saved here, along with any extra money my kids get for their birthdays.   We are also saving monthly for my son’s preschool that starts in September, hanging out at ING as well.  The program is super simple and the transfers between bank accounts are extremely easy.

Click here to get started.

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