How to build and maintain a loyal reader base for your blog

by Melody on September 13, 2012

You should definitely start out by selling your house.  Pack and move with 2 little men under 4 years old in (essentially) two weeks.  On some days, you should even forget you have a blog.

Take a trip to Vegas with your husband during the week (which was great) and trust that your fabulous assistant will keep the blog up and running (which she did).  While you are there, don’t even think about your blog for one second and definitely don’t write any posts.

Move completely out of your house with no final date as to when you will get to move in to your new house.  Move in with your parents for an indefinite amount of time where you have more help, but life seems to move at a snail’s pace and a rocket’s pace, all at the same time.  You should definitely move during fair week, where your little brother is involved with FFA and your parents are super busy getting him ready and bouncing back and forth between the fair and home.

Blog furiously between 5:15 AM and 5:30 AM, which is when your little Dudes decide to grace you with your presence.  15 minutes is surely enough time to squeeze in a week’s worth of blogging, right?  Sit down with the computer again in the evening and try to focus while your brother insists you watch endless episodes of How I Met Your Mother, his new favorite show.  Remind yourself that he will be going off to college soon and probably won’t have much time to watch TV with you.

Drive your 4-year old 1 1/2 hours to preschool so he doesn’t miss his first day.  Plan on blogging at Starbucks while he is in school.  Forget your computer at your parents.  You should probably get a $175 speeding ticket along the way, it makes life more interesting.

Be (technically) homeless for 13 days and counting.  Remain calm as setback after setback kicks in on your house purchase.  Turn your life upside down and rearrange it sideways.

Every so often, thank your lucky stars that you have really amazing (and patient) readers who put up with your sporadic posting.  Count your blessings, including the fact that you have one fantastic assistant and that you have the opportunity to move into a house that you have been dreaming of and saving of for a LONG time.

Were you looking for actual tips on how to build a reader base?

Spend two and a half LONG years building trust, getting up at 5 AM, writing posts that nobody reads, hoping and praying for a comment that doesn’t come from your best friend or your Mom, staying up late, networking with other bloggers, networking with some of your favorite companies, typing until your fingers want to fall off, eventually writing posts that people read and relate to, most of the time wondering if what you are doing is really worth it.

After all that, know that when you are going through 3 of the craziest weeks of your  life and can barely focus on the computer screen, your readers will trust you and wait for you to come back. Hopefully.

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