Highlights High Five magazine: My favorite gift idea for kids

by Melody on December 10, 2012

A few holiday seasons ago, my aunt bought our then 2-year old a subscription to Highlights High Five magazine as a gift.  I was really excited about the idea, but little did I know how great it would turn out to be.  Do you remember reading Highlights as a kid?  This is just as fun and engaging, but geared toward the younger set.

Every month, it’s like getting a brand new book in the mail.  Not only is our son excited just to get mail at all, he goes crazy over this magazine.  We read them over and over and over until they end up falling apart.  Each magazine has super cute stories, puzzles, matching activities, Spanish/English stories, a kid-friendly recipe and much more.  Everything is perfectly geared towards the age group it is aimed at, which is 2-6.

I think this would make such a fun gift idea for the holidays or birthdays.  It truly is a gift that keeps on giving all year long (unlike the Jelly of the Month club).  At least for our family, we have ended up with SO many toys, we more than appreciate a fun unique gift like this.  We will definitely be continuing our subscription.

As a bonus, each subscription comes with a FREE Hidden Pictures Fun Booklet!

One-year subscription: $34.44 or $2.87 per issue
Two-year subscription: $57.12 or $2.38 per issue
Three-year subscription: $78.84 or $2.19 per issue

I know this is not our typical free or super cheap magazine subscription, but I truly think paying less than $3 per month for the equivalent to a brand-new book is totally worth it.  My kids love to read as it is, but we are always looking for new stuff that will capture their attention without breaking the bank.

Click here to order, click the blue “Subscribe” button and choose your subscription.

You can also order the traditional Highlights magazine, which is geared towards ages 6-12, for the same cost.

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