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by Melody on June 13, 2013


As most of you know, for about a week, this site was having some weird issues and many of you weren’t able to click through links from Facebook or were coming up with blank pages.  I had a great tech guy look into it and he quickly figured out the problem (darn you, wonky programming, darn you), but some of you are still having issues.

What is most likely the cause of these continued issues is that most of you need to clear your internet browser’s cache.  Your browser “saves” parts and pieces of each site you visit to attempt to make them load faster for you each time you open them.  The problem is that your browser has old pieces of This Beautiful Frugal Life saved.  Even though the problem has been fixed, your computer or mobile device only sees the old broken pieces.

Clearing your cache is super easy and it just took me a few seconds in Firefox.  Click here for a quick and easy tutorial for clearing your cache in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari.

Many of you have said you are having problems on your smartphone or tablet as well and clearing your cache should help here too.  On my iPhone, all I had to do was go into Settings —> Safari —-> Clear History and Clear Cookies and Data.

Hopefully this clears up any problems you may be having.  Thank you so much for your continued patience and support of This Beautiful Frugal Life!

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