Grocery sales cycles by month

by Melody on January 6, 2011

Since I began this blog back in January of 2010, I have been doing my best to track the grocery sales cycles and trends so you know what to expect for the coming year.  This will help you know when to stock up on certain items and when to hold back on purchasing.

As a general rule, sales cycles follow in line with holidays and special events.  For example, baking items like flour, sugar, cooking oil, chocolate chips and yeast go on sale and have coupons issued in the months of November and December.

* Super Bowl – chips, soda, dips, condiments (mayo, ketchup, mustard)
* Quaker Sale at Albertsons – oats, instant oatmeal, maple syrup, Life cereal (all free or SUPER cheap)

* More Super Bowl items
* Huge push on store brands
* End of month – free 2-liter soda at Albertsons

* Frozen Foods Month – CRAZY sales on frozen items (juice concentrates, microwave dinners, frozen snacks like burritos and pizza)
* Betty Crocker fruit snacks – FREE after coupons and catalina at several stores
* Huge Post cereal sale – Free or super cheap after catalina
* Easter (towards end of month) – flour, sugar, chocolate chips, cream cheese

* Awesome ConAgra catalina promo at Albertsons
* Kellogg’s/General Mills promo (super cheap cereal)
* Free Sunkist soda at Albertsons

* Tons of cereal deals
* FREE Kraft salad dressing – This has been two years running, I have stocked up both times for the coming year
* Canning supplies
* End of month – BBQ sauce, condiments, S’mores items, Capri Sun

* Dairy Month – Good deals on milk (including organic), cheese, butter
* More Kraft salad dressing deals
* Mayo and BBQ sauce super cheap or even free
* Beer rebates available
* Sunscreen

* More 4th of July and BBQ items (buns, hot dogs, condiments)

* Back to School items – Capri Sun, granola bars, fruit snacks
* Huge Kellogg’s/Keebler promo

* Free cheese at Albertsons
* Super cheap to free Campbell’s soup (cream and regular) at several stores
* Another Kellogg’s/Keebler promo
* Oral Care at Rite Aid – TONS of free toothpaste and toothbrushes

* Baking items – chocolate chips, flour, sugar, yeast

* Baking items – chocolate chips, flour, sugar
* More cheap to free Campbell’s and store brand cooking soups
* Great prices on turkey/ham
* Inexpensive chicken/beef broth

* Huge push on baking items – flour, sugar, corn syrup, baking powder, chocolate chips
* Tons of sales on coffee creamer and coffee
* Cake/cookie mixes super cheap

These were just trends that I noticed from my own personal shopping and doing the weekly ad match ups.  If you see something I missed or have something to add that you noticed, please leave a comment!

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