Giveaway: Totally Together planner/organizer (aka “The Most Brilliant Thing You May Ever Own”)

by Melody on October 23, 2011

My friend Stephanie told me about this amazing planner she had started using called Totally Together: Shortcuts to an Organized Life, written by Stephanie O’Dea. She is also the author of two slow cooker cookbooks, so she seems to know a thing or two about saving time and being efficient. We contacted the publisher and they very generously sent me out a copy to review.

I never thought I would actually be obsessed with a planner.  I have only been using it a week and I already feel like it has improved our house and my stress level.

She touches on the 7 things you should complete every day (laundry, dishes, etc) and gives fantastic tips on keeping your house up on a daily basis.  Each day, there are check boxes for these 7 items.  I love lists, I love making them, crossing things off them.  This is a list written out for me.  I get to cross off making my bed every day, it makes me feel so accomplished!

Each week also has items that I often forget, like changing the filters in our house, changing bed linens, buying cards for upcoming birthdays and anniversaries.  She includes tips on meal planning and a fabulous timeline for making the holidays as stress-free as possible.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, as these oft-forgotten chores are the things that clog up my to-do list and my brain.

She even includes ideas on taking time for yourself and things you can do together as a family.  I was telling a friend about the planner the other day and I said “My kids and I made cookies because the planner told me to!”.  Seriously, this thing is genius.

The planner starts in September, beginning of the school year, but the dates are left blank.  You fill in the dates based on the year you are using the planner, each month also gets five weeks to account for extra days in certain months.  I just started filling in dates in mid-October, which is when I started using it.

My friend Stephanie’s review (not to be confused with Stephanie O’Dea):

I stumbled across Totally Together: Shortcuts To An Organized Life, and became intrigued by the description…” a simple organizing system that can prevent you from ever again having to do a last-minute company’s-coming cleanup, desperate purse purge, or frantic family dinner.”

I have always felt like I’m running around like a crazy woman before company is suppose to come over and I’m constantly trying to figure out at the last minute what we’re going to do for dinner. I bought this planner hoping that it would give me tips and tricks to have a calmer and cleaner house.

This is the planner above all planners! It teaches you the Daily 7 and the weekly chores that if done every day will keep your house tidy. Every week it gives you a handful of the bigger cleaning tasks to do. For example, Changing all the bed linens or Wiping all the door knobs,light switches, and remote controls.

What I love the most about this planner are the introduction chapters. There is so much valuable information about having your family help you. It even gives you a list of chores that children can do and breaks it up by age. Did you know that my 3 year olds not only can, but SHOULD be making their beds, helping load and unload the dishwasher, and putting away their own laundry! So often I have done these things for them so that I could “do it right.” This planner has helped me let go of some of the control and begin teaching my kids how to do these household chores. Not only do the kids LOVE scrubbing the bathroom tub with Daddy’s shaving cream ( a cleaning tip provided) but they did a great job and twice as fast as I could have done it alone!

Totally Together is worth the money! I’ve already added to the end of my planner, “Buy another Totally Together planner for coming year…”

You can purchase the Totally Together planner through Amazon right now just $10.20.  Every penny spent is worth it, I promise.


On to the giveaway.

Stephanie O’Dea and her publisher Penguin Group, have generously offered a Totally Together planner/organizer to one (very) lucky This Beautiful Frugal Life reader!

Leave a comment letting us know what is your biggest struggle about keeping your house clean and semi-calm.  I swear I was on the verge of hiring a housekeeper before I got this planner.  I had a LOT of struggles.  Or on the flip side: What works well for you?


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This will give you a total of 5 possible entries.  Please make sure your email address is correct in your comment as this is the only method I have to contact you.

This giveaway will end on Sunday, October 30th at 8 PM PST.  Once I choose a winner, you will have 24 hours to respond with your contact information.

Good luck!

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