Cheap Diapers 101

NEVER pay full price for diapers!  NEVER!  Seriously, I mean it.

Ever since our first son was born, I have never bought a diaper at full price, NEVER!  This means doing a little bit of planning, but I promise you, you will see such a huge decrease in your baby budget.  Unless you use cloth diapers, these are something you are going to be buying no matter what, for quite a few years.  If you have to buy it, why not figure out how to get them cheap?  My crazy stock-up price is 10 cents or lower per diaper.  It can be done.  I will spend a little bit more if I am getting low, but this is what I shoot for.  How do I do it?


Save every diaper coupon you come across (wipes too)!  Clip them from the newspaper, cut them from magazines, print them, beg them from friends or family members who don’t need them.  Sign up for all the major brands websites like Huggies, Pampers and Luvs to receive coupons and special offers in the mail or printable coupons.  I signed up for and received a $5 off any Luvs diaper coupon in the mail, talk about high value!


Every month, Rite Aid offers a +UP Reward promo on either Pampers, Huggies or Luvs.  Combine the reward, sale and a coupon and you have a decent price for diapers.  I generally try and roll my +UP Rewards from cheap or free items into my diaper purchase to reduce my out of pocket cost.  For more information on shopping at Rite Aid, read my Rite Aid 101 post.


Believe it or not, Amazon is a fantastic resource for diapers and wipes.  They have really good prices to begin with, but also offer additional coupons that can be used on top of sale prices to save up to 50%.  Even without coupons, you can purchase diapers as low as $.12 each, shipped for free to your door!  For more information and detailed instructions, read my post here.


Now I know some people will not be a fan of this suggestion.  We were lucky, our kids had no negative reactions to any of the diapers we tried on them (and we tried EVERYTHING!).  If you aren’t picky, you can always have a great stockpile.  It is a little more difficult if you are super brand-specific or your child can only wear a certain type.

If you are like us though, give store brands a try.  We have tried quite a few: Toys R Us, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Albertsons.  My favorite diaper ever, even over the major brands, are the Rite Aid Tugaboos diapers.  The everyday price on these is decent and they usually have some good promos to go with it.  The last two years, Toys R Us and Babies R Us have had some great diaper deals on Black Friday.  If you are a crazy shopper like me, you can score some great deals.


Both Huggies and Pampers have rewards programs that are super easy.  Most packages of diapers and wipes have special codes inside that you can enter online for points.

Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards seems to have better ways to redeem your points (just my opinion).  You can enter sweepstakes, instant wins or “buy” great items like Gap or Kohl’s gift cards, gas cash cards, toys, lullaby versions of Metallica songs. For 300 points, you can “buy” a coupon for a free jumbo pack of Huggies!

Pampers Gifts to Grow doesn’t have as many rewards, but still some great ones.  You can redeem your points for photo products from Shutterfly, toys, magazine subscriptions and gift cards or enter to win free diapers for a year (wouldn’t that be nice?).

DIAPERS.COM is an amazing site for all things baby, not just diapers.  If you buy diapers at regular price from their site, it’s not a spectacular price, but they offer a few ways to discount your order.

You can mail in manufacturer coupons for any baby item they carry and they will be automatically applied to the corresponding items when you check out.

They have a best price guarantee.  They will match any current regular or sale price on any item they carry, as long as size, color and type are the same.  They will also accept competitor’s coupon and promotional codes.

Another great resource for all things baby is Baby Cheapskate.  She has up to date information on diaper prices, diaper reviews (by herself and readers) and the best sale prices on baby items.

I hope that one or all of these tips can help you.  Diapers are such a huge expense and it is my life’s mission (at least while I have babes in diapers) to find the best diaper deals around.  I will always share with you my great finds.  Happy shopping!

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