Gathering Coupons

by Melody on January 3, 2010

Once you join the couponing community, you will start to see them everywhere. You may even turn in to a bit of a hoarder. I scour my parents magazines for coupons and pick up coupons in the grocery store parking lot. I always have an eye out for a hidden gem. You’ll be amazed at the locations you will find them that you have looked a thousand times before and never saw.

The majority of your coupons will be found in the Sunday newspaper. You can either subscribe to the paper and have it delivered or go out and buy it on Sunday morning. Quite a few papers have realized that us “crazy couponers” want more than one paper and are offering “Sunday-only” subscriptions. I personally only subscribe to the Sunday paper and have two delivered to my house. If it is a particularly good week, I will go out and purchase a third. Some weeks are definitely better than others.

Tip for getting the paper cheap if you don’t want to subscribe: try your local dollar store.  At our local store, the daily paper is 25 cents instead of 50 cents and the Sunday paper is only $1, instead of $1.50.

Other ideas:

– Tear pads, blinkies, catalinas in your local grocery store (see Coupon Lingo post here)
– Your local store manager – (just ask, it can’t hurt!)
– Magazines (All You, Sunset, Better Homes and Gardens, Parenting, just to name a few..)
– Coupon swap (check your local grocery store to see if they have one going, people bring in their unwanted coupons and trade out for coupons they will use)
– Your friends, family and neighbors (you’ll be surprised at how many people throw theirs away)
– Local coffee shop (people recycle their papers when they are done, coupons with them!)
– Home mailers (we get all kinds of local coupons for shops and restaurants in the mail. Don’t assume it’s junk mail!)
– Sign up for free samples of products you like. You will get a small sample in the mail, usually accompanied by a coupon for the product.

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