Gardening update: It’s going to be a good summer..

by Melody on May 19, 2011













You can check out my initial backyard garden post here, but I’ll give you a quick recap.

My husband built us three raised beds for the backyard and we started successive planting at the beginning of April.

In the first bed shown in the pictures above, we planted snap peas, onions, lettuce and spinach.  The first picture was taken on May 5th and the second picture was taken on May 18th.  We’ve had a significant amount of both sun and rain, which has helped everything just totally take off.  We have already picked spinach twice for salads!

In the beginning, our lettuce was completely decimated by bugs.  I was at a loss as to what to do, since our goal was to keep the garden as organic as possible.  I did some research and found out that spraying a mixture of ammonia and water on the leaves will kill those pesky bugs.  I quadruple-checked that information, because it just seemed wrong to spray our food with ammonia, but apparently it turns to nitrogen and is okay.  (Please don’t take my word for it, do your own research before attempting anything I say on here!)

If you can tell from the pictures, the lettuce in the bottom left of the bed is coming back stronger than ever!







Bed #2 was planted on May 8th and if you look REALLY closely, you can just see the sweet little kale leaves popping up.  We have cucumbers planted on both edges of the bed, kale and cilantro in the middle.













These are the seeds that will be transplanted into bed #2: Two varieties of tomatoes, bell peppers, pepperoncinis and jalapeno peppers.

The first picture was taken May 5th, the second was taken May 18th.  I thinned everything out to a single start per pot and am hoping to move them outside in the next few weeks.  The tomatoes can’t be contained much longer!

We are learning SO much this year and basically teaching ourselves from the ground up (HA! No pun intended).  It’s been really rewarding to watch our efforts actually produce something that resembles vegetables plants.

I’m really hoping having this small garden will take a decent chunk out of what we spend each month towards groceries.  Between this and the weekly CSA pick-up we are signed up for, we should be swimming in produce.

Speaking of our CSA pick-up..







My husband came home with these after our very first CSA pick-up yesterday.  This is only two of the three items we can get each week.  They are very flexible and will let you bank your items for later weeks when you need more produce.

We paid a flat fee at the beginning of the spring that works out to an average of $6 per week.  Well worth it.  And then some.

It’s going to be a good summer.

Do you have a garden this year?  Share your tips and stories with us!

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