Freezer Cooking Day: Prep and cooking schedule

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What is a Freezer Cooking Day?

We are joining together for a fun group cooking day towards the end of June (my cooking day is scheduled for June 29th).

I’ll catch you up to speed:  Here’s the official Freezer Cooking Day menu plan and tips for getting yourself organized and here is the official Freezer Cooking Day ingredient list.

I have been working on a tentative schedule for the actual cooking day to try and keep us as organized as possible.  This is going to look different for everyone, but hopefully my schedule is a good jumping off point for you.

You can never be too organized or plan too much for a cooking day like this.  The more you can get prepped and ready before you start, the better off you will be.

The day before

Double check your ingredient list and make sure you aren’t missing anything.  You don’t want to be running out at the last minute, you will be busy enough as it is.

Make sure you have enough aluminum pans, if you are following my plan exactly you will need six.  You can either print out labels for your lids or foil that are going on top of your pans or write directly on the foil with a Sharpie.  You will also need six gallon freezer bags, print out labels for these or write cooking directions with a Sharpie directly on the bag.

Print your recipes or make sure you have them all bookmarked on your computer

Make sure all of your meat is defrosted and in the fridge ready to go.

Make sure you have something planned for dinner after all your cooking.  Use one of your freezer meals to keep it simple or plan to have a pizza delivered.  I can guarantee that you won’t want to cook anything elaborate that evening.

Prep, prep and then prep some more (BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE)

Shred all your cheese
Dice bell pepper
Mince garlic
Chop onion (or use food processor)
Shred carrots

Cook chicken

We’re going to bake our chicken, so we aren’t tying up a burner and we can just toss it in the stove and forget about it until it’s done.  Once the chicken is done, cube about 2/3 for White Chicken Chili and shred the remaining chicken for Chicken Spaghetti.

Saute onion and carrot for White Chicken Chili, add remaining ingredients per the recipe and let simmer while you are getting everything else ready.

Brown ground beef/turkey/pork

We are going to start off browning all six pounds of meat together.  When meat is brown, we will split it up for three different recipes:

2 lbs into crock pot for Spaghetti Sauce
1 lb each into bags for Spicy Sausage Pasta
2 lbs continue to brown with taco seasoning for Lawnmower Taco, add remaining ingredients to meat

Add remaining Spaghetti Sauce ingredients to crock pot, set on low and just let it simmer while you take care of everything else

Dice potatoes, prep and bake after chicken is done for Oven Fries, place on cookie sheets and freeze per recipe

Boil spaghetti noodles for Chicken Spaghetti

If you are making your own enchilada sauce for Cheese Enchiladas, do this now.  I have some pre-made in the freezer that we will use instead.

At this point, you should have everything prepped and ready to assemble.  Feel free to assemble your recipes in whatever order you like, this is just how we will be doing it to keep it simple.

I tried to include every step of the process, but I may have missed something small so please double-check your recipes.  Truthfully, it was a lot of work to wrap my brain around this kind of planning.  The last time I did a cooking day like this, I was organized in that I had all my ingredients, but nowhere near this detailed.  I’m excited to see how much more smoothly the day goes with a schedule.

Sarah and I need to make one big shopping trip before our cooking day to gather all the ingredients we haven’t been able to score with coupons or hot sales.  I will use some of my catalinas from the Albertsons gift card promo, but most likely we will head to Walmart or Winco to pick up the other ingredients, as they are generally cheaper overall.

Are you ready for this?  I’m so excited to be cooking with all of you!  When is your cooking day planned?

I have included all the Freezer Cooking Day posts on the sidebar of the blog for easy navigation.  You can find them under the Freeezer Cooking header, right above Local Farmer’s Markets.

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