Freezer Cooking Day: Official ingredient list

by Melody on June 7, 2011









What is a Freezer Cooking Day?

We are joining together for a fun group cooking day towards the end of June (my cooking day is scheduled for June 29th).  I posted a few days ago with the official Freezer Cooking Day menu plan and tips for getting yourself organized.

On to the official ingredient list.  I will do my best to highlight store deals that will match up with our ingredient list, but it’s not a bad idea to print out each recipe and the list of ingredients for yourself, so you can get yourself totally prepared.


Spaghetti sauce

Brown 1 pound hamburger with two chopped garlic cloves and 1/2 chopped onion.  Drain before mixing.  When almost brown, mix in one jar Prego (or other sauce of your choice), one 5 oz can tomato paste, one 14.5 oz can diced tomatoes and one 8 oz can tomato sauce.  Let simmer for half an hour or so.


All amounts listed are based on each recipe being doubled, except for the Cheese Enchiladas that are already doubled in the original recipe.

If you want a printable ingredient list to take to the store with you, I created a Google Doc here.


(16) flour tortillas
(6) cups spaghetti
(2) boxes rotini pasta
(9) cans chicken broth (14.5 oz cans)
(4) cans cream of mushroom soup
(6) cans white beans
(2) cans black beans (optional for Lawnmower Taco)
(2) cans diced green chilies
(2) jars Prego spaghetti sauce
(2) cans tomato paste 5 oz
(2) cans Rotel (or other diced tomatoes)
(2) cans diced tomatoes 14.5 oz
(2) cans tomato sauce 8 oz
30 oz enchilada sauce or tomato sauce
Italian dressing
Tortilla chips or corn tortillas
Chicken bouillion
Taco seasoning


Green bell pepper
Approximately (5) onions
(2) carrots


Sour cream
(21) cups shredded cheese
(12) boneless skinless chicken breasts – Can still order through Zaycon at $1.64/lb
(6) lbs ground beef or turkey


9″x13″ aluminum pans
Saran wrap
Aluminum foil
Gallon Ziploc freezer bags

There are some basic pantry ingredients I didn’t include, like spices and salt and pepper, so make sure to double check each recipe before you start.  This is an approximate list, there may be items you want to swap out or exclude.  I never tend to use as much onion or cheese as each recipe calls for, so my personal list may be slightly different from yours.

My friend Emilie is going to check a few prices at Costco for us tomorrow, to see if there is anything that would be worth grabbing there.  Feel free to share if you have any ideas where we can pick up some of the items at a lower cost.

Next on my list is to put together a tentative schedule to (hopefully) keep us all organized.

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