Fred Meyer Weekly Deals: March 24 – 30

by Melody on March 24, 2013

Don’t forget to add eCoupons to your Fred Meyer Rewards card through Cellfire, Saving Star and  Check out Fred Meyer’s coupon guidelines before you head in to shop.

You can also earn and save extra money by using the iBotta app for the iPhone, iPad and Android.  Purchase participating products, take pictures of your receipts and save.  Super easy!  For more information on the iBotta app, read my post here.


Asparagus on sale $1.68/lb
*One of my new favorites are these Springtime Nacho Skins made with sweet potatoes

Red Garnet or Beauregard Yams on sale $.69/lb

Simple Truth Organic Cut Vegetables (10 oz) on sale $2
Organic Mini Peeled Carrots
(1 lb) on sale $1.50

Gold Pineapple on sale $1.98 each
*As I type, you can snag this Vacu Vin Pineapple Slicer for just $5.50.  Whole pineapples at this price are a great bargain!

Texas Red Grapefruit on sale $.33 each

Strawberries (16 oz) on sale $2

* These coupons CAN be stacked with a manufacturer coupon

Fred Meyer Butter (1 lb) on sale $1.79 (limit 2)
*Great price, cheaper than Costco!

Santiam Canned Vegetables on sale $.50 (limit 6)

Country Oven Bread or Fred Meyer Bagels on sale $1.25 (limit 4)

F.G. Meyer Flame Crafted Bone-In Spiral Ham on sale $10 off (limit 2)

F.G. Meyer Flame Crafted Whole Boneless Ham on sale $5 off (limit 2)

Farmland Bacon (16 oz) on sale $2.99 (limit 4)
*Good price per pound!

Kroger Pork Sausage (12-16 oz) on sale $2.50 (limit 4)

C&H Granulated Sugar (4 lb) on sale $2.50 (limit 2)
Buy 2
Use $.65/2 coupon from March All You magazine
$2.18 each after coupons
*Just under Winco’s bulk price with the coupon, but significantly cheaper than Costco

Tully’s Coffee (12 oz) on sale $5.99 (limit 2)

Nabisco Snack Crackers (5.5-10 oz) on sale $1.67 (limit 6)

Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom or Chicken Soup (10.75 oz) on sale $.79 (limit 6)

C&W Frozen Vegetables (12-16 oz) on sale $1.50 (limit 4)

Marie Callender’s Pie (28-46 oz) on sale $3.99 (limit 4)
Use $1/1 coupon from 3/17 SS insert
$2.99 each after coupon

M&M’s Easter Candy (9.9-12.6 oz) on sale $2.50 (limit 2)

Coca-Cola, Pepsi and 7-UP (12 pack) on sale $3 (limit 3)

Herbal Essences Shampoo, Conditioner or Stylers on sale $2.50 (limit 2)
Buy 2
Use $1/2 coupon from 2/3 SS or 3/3 PG insert
$2 each after coupons

L’oreal Preference Hair Color on sale $6.49 (limit 2)
Use $2/1 coupon from 2/10 RP or 3/17 RP insert
$4.49 each after coupons

Skylanders Characters on sale B1G1 40% off (no limit)


Spiral Sliced Half Ham on sale $1.79/lb

Rib-Eye Bone-In Roast on sale $5.98/lb

Boneless Bottom Round Roast on sale $3.99/lb

Private Selection Angus Extra Lean Ground Beef (90/10) on sale $3.99
*Decent price for this variety

Wild Northwest Cooked Shrimp Meat on sale $4.99/lb

Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon Fillets on sale $9.99/lb

Fresh Northwest Farm Raised Columbia River Whole Steelhead on sale $2.99/lb

Wild Alaska Jumbo Snow Crab on sale $8.99/lb

Fresh Wild Alaska Halibut Fillets on sale $16.99/lb

Land O’Frost Lunch Meat (16 oz) on sale $3.49

Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage (12-14 oz) on sale $3
Buy 2
Use $.75/2 coupon from 2/3 RP or 3/24 RP insert
$2.63 each after coupon

Simple Truth Natural Cage Free Eggs (dozen) on sale $2.49

Simple Truth Organic Butter (1 lb) on sale $3.99

Simple Truth Organic Milk (1/2 gallon) on sale $2.99

Kroger Cream Cheese (8 oz) on sale $1
*Good price, cheaper than Costco.  My favorite recipe with cream cheese right now is Chocolate Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars.

Fred Meyer Yogurt (6 oz) on sale $.40

Fred Meyer Whipping Cream (16 oz) or Reddi Whip on sale $2
Use $1/2 Reddi Whip Fred Meyer eCoupon
As low as $1.50 each after coupon

Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer (32 oz) on sale $2.79
Use $1.10/2 coupon from 1/27 RP insert or $.55/1 coupon
$2.24 each after coupon

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Beverage (1/2 gallon) on sale $2.99

Javatopia Organic Bird Friendly Bulk Coffee on sale $7.99/lb
*Just $5.99 per 12-ounce package, great price!

Fred Meyer English Muffins (12 ct) on sale $1.67

Fred Meyer Brown n’ Serve Rolls (8-12 ct) on sale $1.50

Spice Islands on sale 33% off

Bulk Almonds on sale $3.99/lb
*Right at Costco’s price per pound, they don’t go much lower

Fred Meyer Brown or Powdered Sugar (2 lb) on sale $1.50
*Cheaper than Costco or Winco!

Gold Medal Flour (5 lb) on sale $2
*Not a bad price, but about $.10/lb more than Costco or Winco

Duncan Hines Cake Mix on sale $1.25
Use $.50/1 Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cake Mix coupon (if included)
$.75 each after coupon

Fred Meyer Peanut Butter (16-18 oz) on sale $2
*Great price!

Fred Meyer Broth (14 oz) on sale $.50

Dole Pineapple (20 oz) or Mandarin Oranges (15 oz) on sale $1
Buy 3
Use $1/3 coupon or from 3/17 SS insert
$.67 each after coupon

Simple Truth Organic Beans (15 oz) on sale $1

Pillsbury Pie Crusts (2 ct) on sale $3
Buy 2
Use $.50/2 coupon
$2.75 each after coupon

Pillsbury Cookie Dough (14-30 oz) on sale $2.79
Buy 2
Use $1/2 coupon or $1/2 Fred Meyer eCoupon
$2.29 each after coupon

Pillsbury Crescent or Cinnamon Rolls (8 ct) on sale $1.88
Buy 2
Use $.40/2 Pillsbury coupon or from 1/27 SS or 2/10 SS insert or $.40/2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls coupon or from 1/6 SS or 2/3 SS insert or $.50/2 Fred Meyer eCoupon
As low as $1.63 each after coupon

Cheez-It Crackers (9.75-14 oz) on sale $2.50
Buy 2
Use $1/2 coupon from 1/27 RP insert (expires 3/24)
$2 each after coupon

Cool Whip (8 oz) on sale $1

Tillamook Ice Cream (36 oz) on sale $3

Fred Meyer Waffles (12.3 oz) on sale $1.50

Simply Potatoes (20 oz) on sale $2

Vitaminwater (20 oz) on sale $.69

Kettle Brand Potato Chips (13 oz) on sale $2.49
Buy 1, Get $.50 Ibotta offer
Pay $2.49, Get $.50 from Ibotta
$1.99 after Ibotta offer

Starburst Jelly Beans (13-14 oz) on sale $2
Buy 1, Get $.75 Ibotta offer
Buy 2
Use $1/2 coupon from 3/10 RP insert
Pay $3, Get $.75 from Ibotta
$1.13 each after coupon and Ibotta offer


Johnson’s Baby Care (6.5-15 oz) on sale $2.99
Use $1/1 or $2/2 coupon or $1/1 coupon here or here
$1.99 each after coupon

Gladware Food Storage Containers (2-8 ct) on sale $2.99
Use $1/1 in-store manufacturer coupon
$1.99 each after coupon

Handi-Foil Foilware on sale 25% off

Be sure to check out my full stock-up price list for all your household/pantry items, including Costco comparisons.  I try to note best deals on these match-ups, but this list will give you a good idea of what I think is truly a stock-up price on several items.

Please let me know if you see any deals I missed.  Happy shopping!

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