Finley’s Fresh Produce: My review of our CSA experience

by Melody on November 3, 2011

Earlier this year, I started researching options for eating healthier while not totally blowing our grocery budget.  I’ve heard a lot about community supported agriculture (CSA) programs, but hadn’t been able to find an affordable option in our area when I stumbled across Finley’s Fresh Produce out of Hermiston.  They provide naturally grown, pesticide-free produce and deliver to Tri-Cities!

What really intrigued me was how flexible the program was.  You can get involved in the program for as low as $171 for the growing season (approx. mid-May through early October).  $171 would get you approximately 3 items per week.  This works out to an average of $8 per week, which we spend on produce at the store anyway!  You can purchase shares equaling up to 10 items per week, just depending on your family’s size.  For more detailed information, click here.

Delivery is once per week, you bring your own containers and get to choose the produce items you want to take home that week.  You have the flexibility to take more or less each week and if you miss a week, you can make up your shares over the course of the next few weeks.

Here are just a few examples of one week’s pick-up:

This was one watermelon after I cut it up.  That’s  a Nonni’s Biscotti tub from Costco.  This was a LOT of watermelon.

Our family was SO happy with our experience with Finley’s and will definitely be joining the CSA program again next year.  John and Chris Finley were there every week and were so willing to help pick out produce, give cooking tips and recipe ideas and were just so friendly.  It was so amazing to be able to speak directly with the farmer and ask questions.

I really felt like being a part of this program definitely helped save us time and money.  I paid about the same each week through the CSA that I would have paid at the grocery store, but picking up just produce saved me a trip to the store and prevented me from buying anything else while I was there.  There were a few times that I just left my kids in the car while I grabbed my produce.

The most amazing perk of the program was how outrageously delicious the produce was.  We didn’t have one disappointing piece.  Since each item was equal to one share, we were able to try some items that are generally a little more expensive and our family was introduced to several new things.  All of our fruit was amazing and I am forever spoiled by their red potatoes.

On the very last pick-up, they even offered free pumpkins to every member.  They asked if we could bring our kids, as they get a big kick out of watching them pick out their pumpkins.  My kids did not disappoint.  They yelled a little, got dirty, ran up and down the hospital loading dock ramp and were seriously intrigued by the odd-shaped squash.

If you are interested in joining their program next year, you can contact them through their website.  Chris told me they generally start accepting applications in January for the following year.

I highly recommend checking out the CSA programs in your local area, you can find different options at

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Amanda November 3, 2011 at 8:41 pm

Thanks for the review! We have been considering CSA participation for the past few years but haven’t taken the leap. This one sounds good! Where was the pick up location this year? Just curious if it is anywhere close to my house!


Melody November 3, 2011 at 8:45 pm

I totally should have mentioned that! It was at the Kadlec loading dock on Stevens. Super easy and quick pick-up.


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