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by Melody on January 1, 2010

Why I get up at 5am to blog

When our family started budgeting and couponing a few years ago, it was life changing.  You can read more about it here.  I was passionate about telling others our story.  Soon I was doing all my own matchups, sharing them with my friends, and trying to convince the world how coupons would change their life.

Eventually, I started this blog.  For many, MANY months I blogged just because I enjoyed it without making a cent.  My husband is very supportive and although it’s possible he thought I was a little crazy, he never said so.

After approximately one zillion hours spent blogging without making a dime, I started to realize there were ways I could bring in a little income.  Since I wake up before my kids to blog, work during nap time and after they go to bed, all while trying to keep up a functioning household and not completely neglect my husband, I decided it was worth it to investigate.

How I make the big bucks

Okay, I don’t really make big bucks.  I do make small bucks.  I invest a lot of time and energy into the blog, time and energy spent away from my husband and two little dudes.  I feel like making any kind of bucks is totally acceptable.

Many of my posts don’t make me a cent, but a few do.  I want to be very forthcoming with you and so please assume that when I post, it could include links that make me money.  This is how I am able to continue to sacrifice my precious time with my family to invest countless hours in this blog.  You can also assume that I will never just post a deal to make a profit off of you.  I am very cautious about what I post and only share deals with you that I feel like my own family would benefit from.

My first priority is giving you the best deals.  I am committed to giving you money-saving tips on things your family really needs, not just any hot deal that comes across my desk.  My hope is to inspire you to save money so you can live a beautiful life for less, not to encourage you to spend money on things you don’t need.

Some of the ways I make money

  • Affiliate links: Some of the companies that end up featured on my blog are considered affiliates of mine.  When you make a purchase through this link, I get paid a finders fee.  Thanks for letting me find you.
  • Referral credits: You know the deal on this one.  When I see a great deal through select sites (think Groupon, Living Social, Mamasource) and pass it on to you, I am able to use my referral link.  Every new person that signs up earns me a credit in my account.  I often turn around and use these credits to purchase items to give away to you.
  • Advertisements: Do you see those pesky little boxes on my sidebar?  Those are advertisements, but you knew that.  Some advertisers pay me a small fee just for your click, others when you make a purchase.
  • Giveaways: Often, my giveaways are paid for out of my own pocket, but occasionally a company will sponsor me.  For example, remember when I gave away a $50 Ross gift card?  They gave me one also.  Thankfully for my husband, I got to go buy some new clothes instead of wearing ratty old sweats everyday.  You can read all about the time I ran out of clothes that fit here.
  • Product reviews: Every once in awhile, I get asked to do a product review by a company.  In turn, I get to keep whatever product they are asking me to review.  Please know that all opinions are always mine and I will share the good, the bad and the ugly with you as I see fit.

Keeping things beautiful

First things first.  I try to do as much research as possible on the deals I post and it’s pretty rare that I will post something that I do not have personal experience with or have a good recommendation for.  That being said, I can not 100% guarantee that something strange won’t happen.  A price may go up.  A company may not follow through.  A store may not honor a deal.  Please be your own champion.  Don’t go blindly into any deal that is posted, do some of your own research and make sure you feel comfortable.

If you want to share a deal with me and my readers, please do!  I love to hear your success stories, your horror stories and which deals did or did not work.  I am pretty open and flexible about comments and posting on the Facebook wall, but I do have some guidelines.

  • If you happen to find a great deal, please don’t post your referral link anywhere on the blog or the Facebook wall.  It doesn’t leave room for relevant comments and it takes away from my personal referral link (see “How I make the big bucks” above).  If you would like me to post about a deal, please send me an email at beautifulfrugallife {at} gmail {dot} com.
  • If you leave a comment with the sheer intent to sell something or get credits, I will delete it.  I don’t delete very often, but if you try to sell Viagra (or anything else equally as out of place) through my blog, I will.
  • Please use appropriate language and references for a family-friendly blog.  If you wouldn’t want your grandmother to hear you say it, you probably shouldn’t type it.
  • It is perfectly okay to disagree with a post or dislike a product, just please be considerate of other’s opinions and remember that everyone may not have the same preferences as you.  We don’t want to start any arguments in the comment section, this is a friendly place.
  • Don’t spam.  I have sole discretion on deciding what is spam.  If it is even remotely spammy, I will delete it.
  • If you are ever in doubt on whether a comment or link is appropriate, just email me.  I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I appreciate you letting me share my heart with you on why I love this blog and my readers.  Hopefully, this helps you understand why and how I am able to continue on with this blog.  It is very important to me that you never feel like you were tricked into using one of my links or that I am encouraging you to spend money you shouldn’t be spending.

Please ask me if you have any questions concerning what I discussed above.


Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. When you click on these links, you are supporting this blog. Thanks!

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Jessica July 12, 2011 at 10:15 pm

Thank you so much for your honesty. I love reading your posts, even when they are personal. I love how you call your boys your ‘little dudes’. Thank you for sharing with us, showing us and being honest. You have certainly changed my life and I am so greatful I even get to call you friend 🙂


Melody July 13, 2011 at 5:38 am

Oh my goodness Jessica, you can leave comments like that anytime. 🙂


Olivia July 15, 2011 at 11:00 am

Melody, thanks for sharing your story. I’m so glad to here you get compensated for all your hard work and energy. I love following your blog. I get on here often waiting to see what great deals are out there. I have saved so much from you and have totally changed my ways of shopping, planning and even organizing. I’ve already gotten some Christmas shopping done. This is great for me 🙂 I have also lost 11 lbs and gained a whole lot of muscle from your advice on the Jillian Micheals DVD video. I’m so loving your site. Keep up the good work!


Melody July 15, 2011 at 3:14 pm

Thank you Olivia, that is something I always like to hear. It is a lot of time and energy, but I thoroughly enjoy it and I REALLY enjoy that it is helping people!


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