by Melody on May 18, 2010

Quite some time ago, a reader asked what I think is an appropriate stockpile for diapers.  I’ve been stewing on the question for awhile, since there isn’t an exact answer that will work for everyone.  Money Saving Mom wrote an awesome post about stockpiling, check it out here.

I agree with most everything she says in the post (she seems to be the most together mom and blogger I’ve ever seen!), but she does only talk about the early stages of your baby’s life.  As your baby gets into the bigger sizes, the number of diapers per pack goes down but the number your baby wears per day goes down as well.  I worked out some average numbers for our household and we went through around seven jumbo packs worth per month.  This number seems to hold true for us no matter what age or size.  If you stockpile too many of one size, you can always exchange the packs for the next size up.  A good tip is to tape your receipts to the unopened pack to make it easier on your fuzzy mom-brain. 🙂

My stock up price is 10 cents per diaper or less (less is definitely better!).  I’ve started to realize that with our second child on the way, my stock up price MAY have to go up a little bit to make sure that I have enough.  I can usually get one or two packs per week for super cheap (or even free!), but this may not be enough with two in diapers.

What are your tips on diaper stockpiling?  What is your stock up price? 

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