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As you know, I’ve partnered with the Washington-based company Allsop, to help get the word out about their family-owned business and fantastic products.  Allsop has been around for over 50 years, started by Ivor “Buss” Allsop in his garage in 1964 and has continued to grow and thrive under a new generation of Allsop family members.

Allsop‘s products are carried in more than 30,000 store fronts in North America and they hold over 450 worldwide patents.  These products have ranged from ski gear to computer accessories to a fitness line and much, much more.

We got to check out their line of Gaiam insulated lunch bags and their Gaiam Sport armband and earbuds and now I get to give one of each away to you!  This is an awesome package and PERFECT for summer, picnics in the park with the kids, long runs in the early morning light before everything gets outrageously hot.  This package would also make a great gift!

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The Gaiam Sport armband is machine-washable, water resistant and has a one-handed closure.  The protective cover allows for full navigation when you need to change songs.  The Gaiam Khela Sport earbuds are water and sweat-resistant and super comfortable (read: no weird earbud-induced headache).


The Gaiam lunch bags come in tons of adorable styles and colors and are all insulated to keep your lunch or snacks cold during the summer heat, at a baseball game, to send with your kids on park playdates and so much more.  All styles are very reasonably priced and would also make awesome gifts!

Check out my full post on Allsop and all the wonderful products they carry.

What do I win?

One lucky TBFL reader will win a Gaiam Sport armband, a set of Gaiam Khela Sport earbuds and the Gaiam insulated lunch bag of your choice!  The Gaiam Lunch Bag and the Gaiam Lunch Clutch are the top sellers, but there are several cute styles to choose from.

To enter the giveaway:

STEP ONE: Subscribe via email by entering your email address in the box below. You will receive a daily round-up of all the great deals and fun posts found here at This Beautiful Frugal Life. Leave a comment below that you subscribed.  If you already subscribe, just leave a comment that you do and skip to step two.


STEP TWO: Head over to the Allsop website and check out their different products.  Leave a comment and let us know what product you would like to try.


  • Follow Allsop on Facebook.  Come back and leave a separate comment on this post that you have done so.

This will give you a total of 5 possible entries.  Please make sure your email address is correct in your comment as this is the only method I have to contact you.

This giveaway will end on Sunday May 3rd at 8 PM PST.  Once I choose a winner, you will have 24 hours to respond with your contact information.

Good luck!

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To #BeMoreHuman or Not To Be

by Melody on March 3, 2015


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Is that really even a question?

Be More Human. That’s the simple message in Reebok’s new brand campaign launched on January 28th, and was highlighted by a Super Bowl TV spot with their new ad, titled “Freak Show

I just LOVE this message and this was one of my favorite commercials during the Super Bowl.  But it begs the question?  What does it mean to YOU to be more human?  To me? I’ve been mulling this over for some time now.  About a month ago, Reebok contacted me to be a part of their Be More Human campaign.  The reason I enthusiastically agreed is two-fold.

First, I heart Reebok.  Everyday at CrossFit, I have something on from their company. Shoes, shorts, sports bra, socks.  Their stuff is great quality, their customer service is awesome and the COLORS ARE SO PRETTY. Which is important.  Of course.  Second?  I’m head over heels for this campaign.  Let’s highlight all that is awesome about the human condition.  Let’s get people thinking about what it is they want in life.  Why they have the goals they do.  Why they work hard.

But what does it FEEL like to be more human?  I kept asking myself over and over and over.  And I came back to the same answer time and time again.  Being more human for me, means feeling alive!  Feeling like I can get outside my day to day responsibilities and push myself over the edge.  It means being surrounded by like-minded people who push me to be a better version of myself.  It means feeling adrenaline coursing through my veins.  It means meeting new people and introducing awesome people to awesome people and being lifted up by all the awesomeness in the air around me.

So I do go to the gym everyday to have more energy, to be able to carry my kids around, to show my kids that being active is part of a healthy lifestyle.  I do.  But my driving force behind spending hours at the gym and taking time away from work and laundry and paying bills?

It makes me FEEL awesome.

I get to check out of what can often feel like monotonous days of carpooling and housework and JUST BE ME.  I can dig out that old competitive streak, the one that got buried after I graduated high school and basically finished playing team sports. I can work and work and work on movements and skills until I master them and then I FEEL ACCOMPLISHED.


I get to throw around barbells with weight on them!  Who knew this was a thing?  I get to work on technique and SEE IMPROVEMENT.  There are times when things go really well and I get to feel like an outright badass.  I don’t get that feeling from throwing another load of laundry in the dryer.

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Costco has some great online deals on athletic wear right now!  If you are wanting to kick up your gear or just feel like cute workout apparel will get you in the gym more often, these are great prices and super cute.

These Kirkland Signature Ladies Reversible Yoga Pants are just $17.99 + FREE shipping and get great reviews!  The Kirkland Signature Ladies Active 1/4 Zip Pullovers are just $19.99 + FREE shipping and available in four colors.

The best part about shopping Costco online is that you can return in-store if you have trouble with sizing or fit.

Click here to purchase.  If you are doing any in-store shopping, check out my monthly coupon mailer post with listed prices on all items and unadvertised deals.


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CrossFit Gift Guide

So. I’ve been wanting to write up this fabulous fitness gift guide for you all, to give you some ideas on what to get the fitness fanatic in your life or if you are one, what to ask for. But then I realized I don’t know much outside the world of CrossFit and what I use every day. Since I don’t necessarily want to write about things I don’t understand and so many others have probably written about them anyway, I decided to write a gift guide for CrossFitters and those who love them (in spite of all the crazy acronyms and weird words and cult-like obsessions).

You don’t necessarily NEED anything for CrossFit. Your gym will most likely have everything that is necessary to get through a workout.  But the longer you are there, you start to realize that having your own equipment is kind of nice.  A jump rope cut to your height instead of trying about 15 before finding one that sort of works.  Wrist wraps for overhead lifts that aren’t still dripping in sweat from the class before you.

Or maybe you want to update your apparel because hiking up your workout pants every five seconds between movements just isn’t cutting it.  Or your old ratty sports bra just isn’t delivering.  Or maybe working out in pretty things and neon colors just makes you happy.  Or all of the above.  The rules of English writing don’t apply to bloggers, I can start as many sentences with a conjunction as I want thankyouverymuch.

If you are just getting into CrossFit or are looking for some gift ideas for the CrossFitter in your life or are just looking to freshen up your gear for any kind of fitness, here are some of my favorites.  Again, none of these are necessary, but they are all fun.


CrossFit Shoes

When I first started, I NEVER would have thought that buying special shoes for CrossFit was worth the money.  Four pairs later (I really like pretty colors!), I totally get it.  I was wearing a pretty standard pair of running shoes, but the heel kept getting in the way when I was jumping rope or jumping on and off the box.  Most CrossFit shoes tend to have a very flat heel, so you can really FEEL your heels pushing through the floor and there isn’t a whole lot of extra shoe getting in the way.  I am currently wearing the Reebok Nano 4.0 and have a second pair on the way.


Olympic Lifting Shoes

Alright now.  For real.  I never in my life would have thought I would be wearing shoes specifically made for lifting weights.  But I’ve really come to love the Olympic lifting side of CrossFit and want to do anything I can to get better.  These shoes have a solid heel lift that forces you to drive your heels through the floor when lifting AND stay off your toes (which is my major problem).  There are tons of different styles out there, but the Reebok CrossFit Lifter or Lifter Plus is a good (and sort of kind of inexpensive) starting option.


Fitness Journal

We all know that tracking stuff helps keep us accountable, whether it is our daily activity or our food intake or our calories burned.  This is especially true in CrossFit as there are so many lifts and workouts and times and bench marks and progressions to keep track of.  It’s like before and after pictures, you will never remember how far you have come if you don’t have documented proof.

There are probably 8,547 different types of journals out there, but I really want to feature the one I have been using.  JournalMENU sent me a fantastic customized CrossFit journal earlier this year and I’ve been LOVING it.  They have several different options for beginners, intermediate, kids, teens and more and you can customize just about anything you want with the design.  I chose the intermediate journal and it is already pre-printed for tracking of top lifts and benchmarks (mile run, 5k, different rowing distances), the traditional Girl workouts (Diane, Fran, Annie, etc), tons of Hero WODs (Murph, Small, Abbate, etc) and lots of space to enter in your daily WODs.

The price is right and the company is great to work with!


I could go on forever in this category.  It’s 100% fine to wear whatever you have in your closet to a workout, but the longer you CrossFit, the more you’ll realize that certain clothing items are just more functional than others.  Loose fitting clothes tend to get in the way when you’re moving quickly from movement to movement and pants or shorts that don’t fit well are just a pain in the you-know-what.  The workouts can be super intense and worrying about your clothes should be the last thing on your mind.

I have been doing this for two years and have gone through my fair share of trial and error, so these are just some of my favorites.

Workout CaprisIf you are a new follower or have been living under a TBFL rock, let me give you one sentence about my beloved Zella capris.  They are amazing and amazing and amazing and they fit amazing and they are great quality (read: not see through).  I have tried others and just can’t.  CAN’T.

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Our favorite pants ever are on sale right now!  The Zella Live-In Leggings are available in several colors and lengths starting at just $31.20 + FREE shipping & returns. These don’t go on sale very often so grab these up before they run out of sizes.

We are out of control in love with our Zella Live-In Leggings.  These things are amazing. The quality is fantastic and they hold their shape really, really well.  They are on the thicker side so they won’t wear out and they are warm.  They are crazy comfortable, well made and have the perfect fabric.  They are stretchy, but not thin.  They are flexible, but stay put.  Love, love, LOVE them.

The long pants are reversible so if you spill something on them, just flip them inside out.  I wear them with boots under a sweater in the winter or to work out when it’s super cold.  Really versatile!

Make sure and check out the entire sale section at Nordstrom.  You can sort by department and price.  Just a reminder that they always have free shipping, free returns and  do price adjustments by chatting with a customer service rep online.

Click here for a post with some tips we have on shopping at Nordstrom.


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Just a quick reminder that you only have a few more days to enter to win the JUNK Brands headband of your choice.  These are my absolute FAVORITE headbands to work out in, they are stretchy and flexible but stay put through anything you choose to put them through.

You have through Sunday August 3rd at 8 PM PST to enter.  Click here to get started.

Good luck!


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Sign up for the Nike email newsletter and get a fantastic offer: FREE 2-day shipping on any order.  It’s quick and easy to sign up and you will receive an email with a promotional code to get your free shipping.  I clicked through the offer and it looks like Nike members get free returns as well, perfect if you are unsure of size or fit of an item.

Click here to sign up.


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So.  Reebok offered me a 35% off code to try out some of their gear.  And since I’m a CrossFit addict and obsessed with their CF shorts and sports bras anyway, I was like “Send it to me yesterday”.

If you don’t have a CrossFitter in your life, you may not know that we are addicted to clothes.  It’s such a versatile, fast-paced, quick-moving sport that the nature of our clothes is quite important.  Nothing floppy or shifty or ill-fitting, because we end up messing with our clothes more than we actually focus on the workout.

I always tell people that CrossFit is ideal for people who don’t know how to dress themselves or can never seem to match (like myself).  You can wear 92 different colors in one outfit and it’s considered legit.  I heart not worrying about matching.


And then there are the shoes.  Legitimately, the right shoes are important and can make a difference in what we do.  But for some reason, most of us feel the need to have extra pairs in our gym bag in several different colors.  Even though we don’t have to match our clothes, we like to match our shoes to our mismatched clothes.  You follow?

But in reality, I have a few pairs of shoes that are perfect for our basic workouts.  They are more of the barefoot-style, which helps me really feel what I’m doing and the heel of a regular sneaker tends to get in the way of climbing up ropes and jumping rope and leaping on to a box.  What I was really dying for was a pair of Olympic lifting shoes.  I’ve been spending a lot of time swimming around in the weightlifting and strength training at our gym and was definitely hindered by my “regular” shoes.


Oly shoes have a higher (and VERY sturdy) heel that helps you drive through your heels when squatting and helps avoid the dreaded landing on your toes or leaning forward on your toes phenomenon.  The heavier the weight got for me, the more it would pull me to my toes and I could never land a heavy lift to save my life.


So when Reebok was all “We want to discount your purchase”, my poor husband was at the receiving end of a long list of reasons why saving 35% was the end all, be all deciding factor for me.  “But honey, I NEED to PR my back squat!”  Romantic pillow talk, for sure.

I apologize if this sounds like nonsense, but in all honesty, these are the only kind of shoes that are a necessity in this girls’ life.  I could live with one pair of heels and one pair of flip flops for the rest of my life, but lifting shoes are apparently a priority.

Thank you Reebok, for keeping me in pretty shoes.


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adidas has just brought their A-game to their Summer Sale! Now, you can get thousands of items — FIFA World Cup soccer gear, running shoes, basketball gear, swimwear, even iconic Originals and NEO lifestyle pieces and more — up to 50% off! Styles for men, women and kids; everything an active family needs for a summer of sports. This sale only happens twice a year!

Click here to check out the sale.  Shipping is FREE with orders of $49 or more. You can easily sort by gender, category, price and much more.


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The links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

If you’ve put off shopping for your summer sports wear until now, you have just hit the jackpot.  The adidas Summer Sale is on and you can get up to 50% off of over 1,000 items! Running shoes, basketball gear, soccer cleats, swimwear—for men, women and kids—everything an athletic family needs to participate in a summer of activity. This sale lasts as long as the supplies, so don’t wait or before you know it, just like summer, the sale will be over.


These men’s No Look Basketball Shorts are just $14, down from $28!


This women’s Ultimate Sleeveless Tee is just $11, down from $22!

Click here to check out the sale.  Shipping is FREE with orders of $49 or more. You can easily sort by gender, category, price and much more.


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Under Armour has a great sale on their best-selling UA Victory Tank for women, just $19.99 + FREE shipping!  While this isn’t a huge discount from regular price, this is a good price for this tank.  I just recently saw them at the outlet for $15 each, so this is pretty good if you don’t have an outlet nearby.

These tanks get amazing reviews and are designed to wick away moisture for sweaty workouts.  And they are available in a zillion colors!

Click here to check out all the colors.


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Reebok is running a fantastic and crazy rare promotion for all my CrossFit peeps, save 50% off select already-reduced apparel items + FREE shipping.  CrossFit gear and apparel is never included in their sales, so if you have been wanting to pick up any items, now is the time!

PicMonkey Collage

These men’s and women’s Reebok CrossFit Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Tee are just $12.49 + FREE shipping, down from $35!

Click here to check out all available items.  Use promo code CF50 at checkout to get your discount.  Shipping is always FREE.


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adidas has over 670 products discounted up to 50% off right now! They have amazing deals for guys, gals and little ones too.  They have a HUGE selection of shoes, apparel, sports bras, training gear and more.  You can easily sort by category, sport, gender, color and more to find just what you are looking for.

D67715_01Some of my favorite deals are in the kids’ section, including training tees and sports bras for just $10.  I LOVE the classic adidas Dragon Shoe for kids.  Even though they aren’t exactly the same, they bring back fond memories of Run DMC.

Click here to browse around.  Shipping is FREE on orders of $49 or more and returns are free through March 31st.


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Just for today, March 24th, Reebok is offering 60% off on all Shapewear items for women! Don’t miss this perfect opportunity to update your workout wear for the spring.  Prices start at just $25 for tanks, so as low as $10 after discount.  Leggings and capris start at $65, so just $26 after discount.  This is a HUGE sale and a crazy price drop.  If you have been checking out any of these items, now is the time to buy.


The Reebok Shapewear Action Tank shown above would be just $14 + FREE shipping after discount.

A little about this tank and all the Shapewear products:

  • Fitted athletic design contours to your body, won’t get in your way during high-performance exercise
  • ShapeWear by Reebok features power mesh panels designed to help smooth and shape key trouble areas
  • Princess seams visibly flatter pear shaped body types
  • Skinny straps for added range of motion

Click here to check out all the available styles.  Use promo code SHAPE60 at checkout for your discount, shipping and returns are always FREE.


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There is something about personal recommendations and our need for them.  If I hear you say that you love something and I even sort of kind of trust you, I will most likely buy it or download it or borrow it or go see it or listen to it.

I want to share my favorite things with you.  Like every week.  Big things and little things and meaningful things and practical things and not-at-all practical things and delicious things and glorious things.  Every time I share things, you guys are all like “I want that” and “Thank goodness you told me about this thing that I never knew I needed” and “It looks crazy, but if you like it, I’ll try it”.

The CrossFit Open

Let me first explain the Open.  Anyone and absolutely everyone can sign up to participate and it is basically the preliminary stage before CrossFit Regionals.  For five weeks, each athlete that is registered must complete one workout each week as prescribed (read: no scaled movements and listed weight) in front of a certified judge.  If you do well enough, you move on to Regionals.

Let me repeat.  Every single person that wants to sign up and participate can do so.  This means we are theoretically in the running to move on.  Does this mean the majority of us will move on?  Absolutely not.  So why do we sign up?

In 2013, I had only been doing CrossFit for about four months when I signed up.  A few of the prescribed movements, I’d never even heard of before and the majority of weights I had never lifted.  My scores were low but I found myself setting personal records (only because I’d never tried some of the movements before).  If I had been in a regular workout, I would have scaled the movements or lightened the weight to something more manageable, but this forced me to give it my best shot and see what I was capable of.  The community of my gym members was like something I’d never seen before.  We all banded together to worry about and dissect the workouts, cheer each other on and pump each other up after every week.

In 2014, I now have the unique experience to share with all my fellow athletes who are newer to CrossFit.  When people find out about the Open, most assume it’s not for them because they are too new or “not good enough” at CrossFit yet.  I convinced and yelled and argued with anyone who would listen that they should sign up, based on my experience in 2013.  We have since created this AMAZING group of athletes who I have already watched set their own personal bests and push past their limits and it’s so inspiring.

For me, this year has been a whole different animal.  The prescribed weights are all completely manageable and I am halfway decent at all the movements, so my preparation and thought process going in are completely different!  I have been setting goals for myself (more than just one rep!) and have been able to push through so much more.  There is a certain level of anxiety that comes with actually trying to do well, versus just trying to not die and get through a workout.

1927212_10202717290287691_243820670_nChest to bar pull-ups!

What’s been most interesting to me this year is that I can see a measurable difference over last year.  Last year, I was only able to do 3 chest to bar pull-ups, this year I got 15.  Quantifiable improvements and results!

1797130_10202717281447470_1567963195_nCheering on my fellow athletes

My favorite part of the Open this year is that I get to be the encourager.  I get to cheer and motivate and talk to people about their accomplishments.  Paying it forward in the healthiest possible way!

1964271_10202680471367241_630806871_nYes, Bumblebee and I hung out together for a lunch date

Pat Summitt

While my kids are terrorizing the kids’ section at the library, I take approximately 45 seconds to quickly browse through the adult section and see if something catches my eye.  I’ve been reading a lot of biographies lately and I am always intrigued with books about sports and famous coaches in history, so this book on Pat Summitt caught my eye.  I had watched a short documentary on her with my husband, but didn’t know much about her beyond the fact that she was a coach for the Tennessee Lady Vols for many years and she had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

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I can’t believe this deal is still available and I get to share it with you.  Last week, I was searching for a good deal on a new pair of shoes for CrossFit (I’ve torn up one pair on rope climbs and just straight worn the heck out of another pair).  I stumbled across this pair of New Balance WT110 on for just $36.99 + FREE shipping!  I didn’t share it at the time because I was pretty sure it would be gone in five seconds, but apparently I was wrong.

These shoes are regularly priced anywhere between $70 and $90 and they are AMAZING.

They are set in between a barefoot running shoe and a traditional cross-training shoe.  They weigh next to nothing, are super flexible and are constructed from open mesh on the top.  These have a slightly different sole than I’m used to with a more rugged design made for outdoor use, but they have been so fantastic in and out of the gym.

PicMonkey Collage

Look, look.  There they are!  Click here to purchase.  Shipping is FREE with all orders.

You can see what else I’m currently wearing to the gym here.


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New Balance Minimus 10 just $39.99 + $1 shipping (my favorite shoes!)

February 24, 2014

Joe’s New Balance Outlet has a fantastic price today only on the New Balance Minimus 10 Running Shoe in Diva Pink/Yellow, marked down to just $39.99.  These are regularly priced anywhere between $70 and $110, this is one of the lowest I have ever seen!  Shipping is just $1 in honor of President’s Day. These […]

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New Balance 670 Women’s Running Shoe just $35.99 shipped (down from $79.99)

February 21, 2014

Joe’s New Balance Outlet has a fantastic price today only on the New Balance 670 Women’s Running Shoe in Orange with Pink, marked down to just $34.99.  These are regularly priced at $79.99, this is an amazing price drop!  Shipping is just $1 in honor of President’s Day. Description of the shoe: A stylish choice […]

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Today’s Best Deals: FREE AMC movie ticket, 40% off Marika fitness apparel, Men’s New Balance trainers $26.99 + more

February 12, 2014

Yesterday was a busy day for fun posts, deals and grocery store updates.  I spent some time at Costco gathering prices for the new organic coupon booklet and included some details about the new store layout.  Yoke’s Fresh Market deals starting today (2/12) are now up at the blog, with their fantastic case sale going […]

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Reebok introduces the new ZQuick running/training shoe (based on Z-rated tires!)

February 10, 2014

Have you been looking for a cool new running shoe for your next workout? Reebok has been inspired by hi-performance, Z-Rated tires, and created the Reebok ZQuick training shoe that delivers sports car handling for your feet. The Reebox ZQuick is designed for running and the ZQuick TR is designed for a more all-around training […]

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Marika: Additional 50% off already-reduced sale and clearance items (as low as $10)

December 31, 2013

Marika is having a HUGE end of the year sale, with an extra 50% off already-reduced sale and clearance items.  This is a giant discount.  Some of the items are close to 50% off before the additional discount, this would be a great time to stock up on some favorites or pick up a few […]

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Reebok: Up to $40 off + FREE shipping and guaranteed delivery by Christmas (most CrossFit gear included)

December 17, 2013

Reebok is running another AMAZING sale through end of day today, December 17th.  The more you spend, the more you save by using promo code SAVEMORE at checkout. Spend $45+, Get $10 off Spend $75+, Get $20 off Spend $125+, Get $40 off You can snag an AMAZING deal on the original CrossFit Nano.  Already reduced to […]

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Reebok: 30% off sitewide with FREE shipping + my top picks (includes CrossFit gear and shoes)

December 3, 2013

Reebok is running another AMAZING sale through end of day today, December 3rd.  Use promo code CYBER30 at checkout to receive 30% off your entire order, including CrossFit gear and shoes!  It’s pretty rare for CrossFit stuff to be included in their sales and it may not happen again until next holiday season, so if […]

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Reebok: CrossFit Nano 2.0 just $75 + FREE shipping + all apparel Buy One, Get One 50% off (including CrossFit)

November 29, 2013

Reebok is running an AMAZING sale through December 1st, especially for all my CrossFit peeps.  CrossFit gear never, EVER gets discounted or is included in sales, so both of these offers are off the charts. The first deal is perfect if you have been looking to buy a pair of high quality shoes, but have […]

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adidas Techfit apparel 40% off + FREE shipping (as low as $13)

November 15, 2013

For everyone with that amazing athlete in their family or even someone who is just getting started on a new fitness journey, take a look at the new Techfit gear sale at adidas.  According to adidas, this line utilizes special Techfit technology that focuses your muscles’ energy to generate maximum explosive power, acceleration and long-term […]

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