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  IMG_0285My name is Melody Hansen and I started This Beautiful Frugal Life back in 2010.  My husband and I started Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover in early 2007 and were forced to learn how to budget on one income.  We dissected our budget and found as many ways to cut back and save as possible, which included our grocery budget.  After starting to follow a few coupon blogs and learning how to cut WAY back, I was inspired to start my own blog to share what I had learned.

While we don’t shop with coupons much anymore, learning how to save with them in the beginning led to a complete transformation of our lives.  It let us to take a good hard look at our eating habits, our health, how we shopped, what we fed our children.  It opened up new avenues for us to explore, including gardening, getting fit, getting to know our local community.  With the evolution of our lives, came the evolution of This Beautiful Frugal Life.

My goal behind this site is to help you save money on the things you CAN so you can afford the things you WANT.  This could mean private school for your kids, a trip to Disneyland, eating all organic foods, staying home with your children instead of heading out to work every day.  Whatever is important to you, I want to help you get there.

Day to day, you will find tips on saving money, posts on all things Costco, how we overhauled our eating habits, fun things to do locally, great deals on eating out and entertainment, my random thoughts on parenting, our fitness goals, budgeting and whatever quirky things pass through my brain on any given day.

This lifestyle has truly changed our marriage and our lives.  The reason I decided to start this blog was because I wanted to share what I had learned with others, as it is something that everyone can do.  Whether you are interested in getting fit or wanting to change your eating habits or trying to make a dramatic change in your budget, I hope that I can offer you some encouragement and support.  I am passionate about helping others change their lives for the better!



A little about my family and I:

My husband and I have been married since May of 2006 and have two amazing and smelly and noisy and hilarious little boys.

We LOVE sports and are huge Mariners, Seahawks and WSU Cougar fans.  We are madly in love with our CrossFit gym, after working out at home for several years.  We are always on the lookout for new and exciting things to try and goals to reach and challenges to pursue.  At least I am, my husband just (semi) graciously goes along for the ride.  We love getting away and visiting new places and our favorite familiar places.  We are constantly on the go and love being surrounded by friends and family.  We are really learning to love our community and are enjoying sharing with our boys all that it has to offer.

Welcome to this beautiful frugal life!

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