A slightly boring week in the life of a fairly average couponer

by Melody on July 3, 2011







Each week I will be sharing a round-up of all the different ways I saved our family money.  The purpose of this series is to highlight the fact that there are SO many different methods you can use to lower your overall budget that don’t involve mad-crazy coupon shopping.

I will even be mentioning those methods that may seem insignificant to you.  I truly feel that anything that saves time is saving money in some form or another.

Another laundry revelation

Even though I can generally get an amazing deal on dryer sheets, it doesn’t make any sense to waste them.  I realized that I can get the same result from tearing a dryer sheet and just using half a sheet per load.  This will really help me turn great deals on dryer sheets into FANTASTIC deals.









A vegetable I can actually grow

I swear I can kill just about anything I try to plant in the garden.  Although I can apparently grow kale.  I have now harvested it three times and it’s still going strong.  This week alone, I threw the kale into smoothies for my kids (and my husband), I made a variation of Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana soup and I threw the remaining into a blender and will freeze it to throw into pasta sauces and casseroles.









Trip to Costco

I usually go to Costco just once a month.  There isn’t a ton that I get there, but there are a few things that I just can’t beat the price anywhere else, even with coupons.  Every once in awhile, we can get pretty good deals on Goldfish crackers, but not in the quantity that will feed my kid’s love for them.  You absolutely can’t beat the price on the tortilla chips, no coupons required and my husband loves them.

These trips don’t necessarily save me a ton of money, but they do save time.  I also just wanted to point out that even coupon shoppers go to Costco from time to time!









Freezer Cooking Day

My friend Sarah and I spent about six hours on Wednesday doing our long-planned Freezer Cooking Day.  We ended up with about 12 full meals each for the month of July.  I LOVE having freezer meals during the summer.  We spend so much time in the backyard playing in the afternoon and evening, that I do not want to be stuck inside cooking.







Check the meat markdowns at your local grocery store

I ran in to Albertsons to pick up the boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.69/lb and I stumbled across a ton of whole fryers on markdown.  These both ended up being about $.52 per pound, which is a crazy price  for whole fryers.  I generally stock up when they are around $.75 per pound.

In our area, Safeway, Fred Meyer and Albertsons all have meat markdowns.  They generally have very noticeable stickers on the markdown items.  Totally worth checking out if you have freezer space!









First trip to the theater

We took our son to the movie theater for the first time to watch Cars 2.  He’s a bit of a Lightning McQueen fanatic.  I seriously despise paying movie theater prices, so I have been watching for deals for a few months now.  We ended up paying half price for our movie tickets through a Fandango deal at Living Social.  I also scored $5 in Concession Cash by buying specially marked Kellogg’s cereal with Cars 2 promo codes inside.

I would LOVE to hear how you saved your family money this week.  What methods do you find are the most efficient and effective?

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Em July 4, 2011 at 7:42 am

I haven’t used a dryer sheet in years! You can go without and it is better for your skin. We have no static cling here.

I’ve been drying my clothes/diapers in the sun this week. It’s glorious!


Melody July 4, 2011 at 8:13 am

Seriously? We get mega static cling when I don’t use them, especially on Mike’s work shirts!


Emilie McFarlane July 4, 2011 at 10:21 am

I put a little vinegar in my wash, maybe that is why I don’t have it? I’ve seriously never had any static. The dryer sheets give every member of my family rashy skin.


Heather July 4, 2011 at 9:41 am

Totally not related- but what did you think of Cars 2? I have a 2 and 4 year old and I’m debating about taking them. According to some moms and a review I read it’s really action packed.


Emilie McFarlane July 4, 2011 at 10:19 am

We haven’t been but I did hear from several friends that there was a lot of shooting. Our kids aren’t sensitive to that so I’m going to take them anyway. But, if your kids are, I wanted to mention it. :o)


Melody July 4, 2011 at 2:15 pm

We thought it was great. I had read mixed reviews but the storyline was fun, the graphics were AMAZING and Mater is a hoot. There was a little bit more violence than the first, but nothing really in your face. I’m pretty sure most of it went over my son’s head.

It was super action-packed from start to finish, but I really think that’s what kept his attention. There wasn’t a dull moment to make him fidgety. It was all fun action though, flying and racing around cool cities.


Miss Jay July 4, 2011 at 11:44 am

I suspect the climate you live in may affect the static electricy or lack thereof


Melody July 4, 2011 at 2:13 pm

You’re probably right, we live in a super dry climate.


Emilie McFarlane July 4, 2011 at 2:56 pm

Oh, that makes sense!


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