A slightly boring week in the life of a fairly average couponer

by Melody on April 30, 2012

Each week I will be sharing a round-up of all the different ways I saved our family money.  The purpose of this series is to highlight the fact that there are SO many different methods you can use to lower your overall budget that don’t involve mad-crazy coupon shopping.

I will even be mentioning those methods that may seem insignificant to you.  I truly feel that anything that saves time is saving money in some form or another.

Monthly Costco run

The beginning of our pay month started on Thursday, so I made a stock-up run to Costco.  We’re actually doing pretty good on most of our pantry essentials, but there were a few things we were running low on.  Generally when I go to Costco, since everything adds up so quickly, I tend to just buy one of each item.  Then I of course end up making a second trip during the month.  I decided to think in terms of the entire month this time, even if it meant spending a little more out of pocket initially.  Hoping (crossing fingers) this will spare me a trip, even if it did give me sticker shock at the register.

On another note, how did I miss that the Kirkland Signature cheddar cheese is just $4.69 for a 2-lb block?  I generally buy the Tillamook at Fred Meyer when it goes on sale, but this is below my stock-up price without having to wait for a sale!  I added it to my stock-up price list.

If you need to plan a trip for May, the current Costco home mailer coupons go through 5/6.

Zaycon Foods pick-up

Some of you may have picked up chicken from Zaycon Foods this time around, but we were pretty well stocked in our freezer.  I did pick up bacon, however, which means we have now had this Sweet n’ Spicy Chicken twice in the last week.  I didn’t order the bacon the first few times they offered it, because it felt a bit like a luxury that we just didn’t “need”.  However, it’s a great price without multiple trips to the store and a little bit of bacon goes a LONG way.  For example, if we’re making pizza and don’t have any sausage or ground beef to put on top, I just crumble 1-2 pieces of cooked bacon on top and it gives such great flavor!

April showers bring.

Flowers and vegetables and make this girl giddy with delight.  We spent some serious time in the last week or so prepping our raised beds and starting to get things planted.  If you missed my first gardening update, you can read it here.  Even after this went up, I have planted and planted and planted some more. I ran out of space in the beds so have been filling every container in site.  I am a total novice at this, but feel that if I can even make one darn salad out of my garden this year, I’ve been successful.  Look for another update soon, I have lots of little sprouts!

I would LOVE to hear how you saved your family money this week.  What methods do you find are the most efficient and effective?

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Kate April 30, 2012 at 8:20 pm

The link to the recipe is to an amazon post. I really want that recipe 🙂


Melody April 30, 2012 at 8:28 pm

Argh! The copy and paste function on my computer is on the fritz, this has been happening a lot. I just updated the post. What’s funny is it’s basically chicken wrapped in bacon, but holy man it’s good. Thanks for letting me know!


Emilie April 30, 2012 at 8:46 pm

I still can’t believe you show such restraint at Costco. I’m taking you with me next time I go to reel me in. Between Zaycon and Costco, I have no money left for May and the 1st is tomorrow. This will not go well. Argh! You think I would have learned by now. :o)


Melody April 30, 2012 at 8:51 pm

Trust me, I’ll probably have to go again. Even if I think I can do it without another trip. And I barely have any money left for May either!


Miss Jay May 1, 2012 at 11:24 am

Not only do I have regular costco, but the business costco and it’s evil evil expo are this month and about 5 blocks from my house.


Trina May 2, 2012 at 8:53 am

I tried something new this week. We had finished a jar of fruit in 100% juice, and I made it into popsicles. I poured the leftover fruit juice into some cute ice-cube trays, and then added 2″ lengths of cut-up straws to them when they were partway frozen. They made cute, healthy popsicles for the kiddos (out of something that otherwise would have been poured down the drain!)


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